10 Best Minimalist Pendant Lights – Make Your Kitchen Island Shine

10 Best Minimalist Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are not only great for adding style and interest to your kitchen but also provide practical task lighting. So there’s little wonder why they’ve become increasingly popular as part of a new kitchen design.

With so many different styles, shapes and designs of pendant lights on the market I’ve created a series of posts to highlight my favourite of a particular style. Narrowing down your search to find the perfect pendant.

In this post, I’m focusing on the ‘minimalist‘ style and sharing the 10 Best Minimalist Pendant Lights.

In a hurry? Check out my top picks table below


PAULMANN JUNA   Pendant Light


Pendant Light Fitting


Tomons Hollow Wood Pendant Light 

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– 10 Best Minimalist Pendant Lights –

The Minimalist style can be defined as clean and simple, often with a limited colour palette, yet thoughtfully and beautifully designed.

1. Paulmann Neordic Juna Pendant Light

Paulmann Minimalist Pendant Light
Best ‘Overall’

This beautifully shaped pendant light from Paulmann is a classic minimalist design. Using a soft and neutral colour combined with a simple ‘FSC-certified’ wooden top, it’s understated yet thoughtfully designed. That’s why it gets my ‘Best Overall’ pick!

Available in a few different styles, but I love this one!

Buy on Amazon: Paulmann Neordic Juna Pendant Light

2. Pendant Light Fitting (and bulb)

Vintage Pendant light fitting
Best ‘Budget’

Keeping it super simple with these pendant light fittings. No frills or fuss (or lampshade), just a clean pendant fitting and LED light bulb.

Available in 8 different finishes to suit the look and style of your kitchen.

I love this budget-friendly minimalist look!

Buy on Amazon: Pendant Light Fitting

3. Tomons Hollow Wood Pendant Light

Tomons Minimalist Hollow Wood Pendant Light
Best ‘Design’

This gorgeous minimalist pendant light is made from curved plywood that can be re-positioned to create different geometrical shapes.
(Click the link to see what I mean)

Its simple yet clever construction make it my ‘Best Design’ pick!

The pendant light comes with a rather attractive braided cord that can be adjusted to suit the height needed as well as a modern warm white LED filament light bulb. So you’re all ready to go straight out the box!

Buy on Amazon: Tomons Hollow Wood Pendant Light

4. Eglo Concrete Pendant Lamp

A simple design using basic materials. Minimalist 101.

The Eglo pendant light is made from a wooden top and concrete shade, giving it that minimal and slightly industrial look. Who said you can’t have both!?

Buy on Amazon: Eglo Concrete Pendant Lamp

5. Philips MyLiving Minimalist Pendant Light

A very clean white metal and wood design make the Phillips MyLiving pendant light the perfect minimalist choice.

Phillips is known for their high-quality products and innovative technology. Pair this minimalist pendant light with one of their Bluetooth LED bulbs and the future is at your fingertips!

Buy on Amazon: Philips MyLiving Pendant Light

6. Concrete Cylinder Pendant Light

Concrete Cylinder - Pendant Light

Stripped back to basics. This minimalist concrete pendant lamp is perfect for a simple but striking look. A little mix of industrial and minimal, the pendant comes with a choice of a matt black metal or wooden ceiling rose and a few colour options on the concrete.

Handcrafted and custom made these beautiful raw pendant lights will look fantastic over any kitchen island.

Buy on Etsy: Concrete Cylinder Pendant Light

7. Jamie Ceiling Light

The perfect minimalist pendant light! Clean, simple, soft colours and thoughtfully designed. Jamie here is well constructed from steel with brass detailing.

This modern yet classic design will feel at home in any kitchen, new or old.

Available in a darker grey or the soft grey finish pictured above.

Buy on John Lewis: Jamie Ceiling Light

8. Tomons Minimalist Pendant Lamp

This stunning Scandi-inspired minimalist pendant light is made with a frosted white metal shade and wood effect metal top.

Also available in black, the pendant comes with a stylish nylon cord and a warm white LED bulb. Ideal to create some Hygge.

Buy on Amazon: Tomons Pendant Lamp

9. Nordic Macaron Pendant Light

Who says minimalists can’t enjoy a bit of colour!?

I love this gorgeous green pendant light. Sleek, simple and also very affordable. Available in six different colours there’s sure to be the perfect one for you. My favourites are yellow and green!

Buy on Amazon: Nordic Macaron Pendant Light

10. Goeco ‘Climbing Man’ Pendant Light

Lastly, for a bit of fun!

This cute ‘climbing man’ pendant light made from black iron is a simple but cleverly designed pendant light.

Minimalist or just a bit of fun, you can decide, either way, this little guy is guaranteed to brighten up the place!

Buy on Amazon: Goeco Pendant Light

Don’t forget to buy some light bulbs! (and remember to double-check the connection type for your fitting)

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Final thoughts…

There you have it!

Some of my favourite minimalist pendant lights to brighten up your kitchen.

Beautifully designed with a clean, simple and calm aesthetic. It’s no wonder so many people love the minimalist look. Myself included.