Best Boiling Water Taps – Instant Hot Water!

Boiling water taps have been on the market for a good few years and continue to grow in popularity.
All my clients who have opted for one say it was one of their best design decisions.

It really is a game-changer in the kitchen. And with over 100 million cups of tea made in the UK every single day, you can see the appeal. That’s a lot of time to stand around waiting for the kettle to boil!

In this post, I’ll share my favourite boiling water taps, explore the advantages and disadvantages of owning one, as well as answer some common questions.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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QETTLE 4-in-1


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Why Would You Want A Boiling Water Tap?


As the name suggests, boiling water taps mean you get instant hot or boiling water. This means no more waiting around for the kettle to boil!

You also boil and use the exact amount of water you need, every time.

This saves time, electricity, and water. It’s also helpful for people who have problems filling, lifting and pouring a conventional kettle, avoiding this challenge altogether.

Worktop Space

Eliminating the need for a kettle frees up space on your worktop. This can be especially handy for small kitchens where space is at a premium.

This also comes in handy if you have your sink on an island and don’t want to be carrying a kettle back and forth.


Many of my clients panic at the thought of boiling water coming out of the tap when they have little ones running around.

However, all boiling water taps will have some form of child-lock or safety feature built-in.

In fact, having a boiling water tap prevents spillage from overfilled or faulty kettles. This can help prevent scalded hands or fingers.

Considerations Of Boiling Water Taps


Probably the biggest disadvantage of boiling water taps is the cost, as they cost quite a bit more than a standard tap and kettle. The average cost across my top 7 picks is just under £1000 – you could buy quite a few kettles for that price.


As with most things in life, you need to look after your boiling water tap. Each model will need its filters changing every so often. Not only is this something to remember, but it also means more cost.

The cost and lifespan of replacement filters vary depending on the model you go for and which filters you have opted for. It’s worth factoring in when picking the right model for you.


While installation should be no problem for any professional, it can be more challenging than a standard tap for the average DIY’er. You may need to call in a professional, again adding to the cost of your kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Space

While boiling water taps save space on worktops, the tank they use will take some storage space in your base cabinet. Some water tanks are larger than others; it will depend on the size you choose.

You may also need to consider that if you have a drawer under your sink, it will need to be cut out around the water tank in order to slide in and out. This could change your design altogether.

Quooker Water Tank In a Sink Cabinet showing how much room it takes up
3L Quooker Water Tank In Sink Cabinet

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Good to know: There is a difference between an instant hot water tap and a boiling water tap. Instant hot water taps usually heat water to between 92-98ºC. A boiling water tap, on the other hand, heats the water to boiling point (the full 100ºC).

The Best Boiling Water Taps

I’ve picked out a selection of the best boiling water taps that I’ve personally used at home or in showrooms, sold to clients over the years or that get great feedback from them.

👋 FYI: I’ve opted to explore 3-in-1 boiling water taps. You can also get separate boiling water taps that sit apart from your normal tap. While these are also a great option, I’ll be sticking to the 3-(or more) in-1 models this time.

1. Quooker Fusion

Quooker Fusion boiling water tap in Patinated Brass
Best ‘Overall’
(Patinated Brass Finish)

Temperature: 100ºC (True Boiling)
Tank Capacity: 3L or 7L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 3-5 Years. Cost £30-£150 each.
Finishes available: Polished Chrome, Black, Gold, Stainless Steel and Patinated Brass.
Cost: ££-£££ (depending on the model you pick)

I love Quooker taps! I’ve been recommending them for years now. They look amazing and have fantastic build quality, which is why they get my best ‘overall’ pick!

A true boiling water tap (reaching 100ºC), it’s ideal for sterilising bottles or kitchen equipment. But don’t worry, the innovative childproof double-push-and-turn handle means it’s safe for little ones while still simple to use for adults.

If you’re considering Quooker, invest in the additional Scale Control Plus. It’s more money but totally worth it, especially if you live in a hard water area.

It’s been developed to lengthen the lifespan of your Quooker by reducing the water’s hardness while also helping to improve the taste of the water. You’ll be enjoying the perfect cup of tea in no time, for a long time!

While you’re considering the lifetime price of the Quooker, it’s worth thinking about filter replacements. While the filter itself costs £30, you might need or want an engineer to replace it for you. This will cost a whopping £150 – not a budget option!

But if you are looking to splash the cash (pun intended!), you could even go all out with the new CUBE, an additional accessory (filter/tank) that can dispense sparkling and chilled water all from the same tap.

An all-in-one option that you’ll absolutely love.

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance City
Appliance House

2. QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap
Best ‘Budget’
(Chrome Finish)

Temperature: 100ºC (True Boiling)
Tank Capacity: 2L, 4L and 7L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 6 months. Cost £30 each.
Finishes available: Chrome
Cost: £

The QETTLE is the most cost-effective boiling water tap on my list and is very competitively priced starting at around £500.

It’s a fully integrated 4-in-1 tap that offers boiling filtered water and cold filtered drinking water, in addition to normal hot and cold water. This gives it even more bang for its buck!

The QETTLE comes as a complete system that includes either a 2L, 4L or 7L water tank, as well as a filter system and cartridge. A built-in LED lets you know when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

It may not have many finish options, but you really can’t fault what you get for the price. That’s why it’s my best ‘budget’ pick!

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance City

3. Quooker Flex

Quooker Flex boiling water tap in chrome finish
Best ‘Design’
(Chrome Finish)

Temperature: 100ºC (True Boiling)
Tank Capacity: 3L or 7L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 3-5 Years. Cost £30-£150 each.
Finishes available: Polished Chrome, Black and Stainless Steel
Cost: £££

It’s easy to see why the Quooker Flex was the 2017 winner of the Dutch Design Awards.

This boiling water tap has everything I love about the Quooker Fusion with the added bonus of a pull-out hose. It’s perfect for reaching and rinsing down large sinks.

But don’t worry – you can’t operate the boiling water function while the hose is pulled out. It’s ultra-safe for you and the family.

While it’s not (yet) available in as many finish options as the Fusion, the Flex is a fantastic addition to an already great tap. That’s why it gets my best ‘design’ pick!

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance City

4. Grohe Red Duo

Grohe Red Duo instant hot water tap
(Chrome Finish)

Temperature: 99ºC
Tank Capacity: 3L or 5.5L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 6-9 months. Cost: £60 each.
Finishes available: Polished Chrome and Super Steel
Cost: ££

Grohe is a well-renowned German brand for bathroom equipment and kitchen fittings, receiving over 300 design awards in the last 10 years.
And the Grohe Red Duo is the perfect example of the company’s expertise.

Incredibly sleek and well-designed, the Grohe hot water tap is operated by the child-safe touch button which unlocks the tap and then dispenses the 99ºC water.

It also features a built-in filter that reduces limescale and heavy metals in the water, prolonging the life of the tap, water tank, and boiling mechanism.

A little extra I like – it comes with the option to purchase Grohe’s Coldfill Mixing Valve, which mixes mains water with boiling water to give you instant warm water. That means no more waiting for your water to heat up and less water wasted.

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance City
Appliance House

5. Franke Minerva Helix Boiling Water Tap

Franke Minerva Helix Boiling Water Tap
(Stainless Steel Finish)

Temperature: 100ºC (True Boiling)
Tank Capacity: 4.7L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 3-6 months. Cost £38 each.
Finishes available: Copper, Stainless Steel, Industrial Black, Matt Black, Anthracite
Cost: ££

A simple yet smart design, this Franke 4-in-1 tap dispenses hot, cold, cold-filtered and boiling water from a single spout. As a true boiling water tap, the Minerva dispenses water at 100°C.

This makes it perfect for sterilising bottles, making tea and filling a pan for cooking pasta.

Its childproof push-and-turn activation for boiling water helps make it safe around little ones, too.

However, my favourite feature is its horizontal water tank. Its low profile and shape mean it can sit neatly behind a standard 150mm cabinet plinth, freeing up that much-needed cupboard space.

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance City

6. Abode Pronteau Prostream

Abode Pronteau Prostream instant hot water tap
(Copper Finish)

Temperature: 98ºC
Tank Capacity: 2L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 6-12 months. Cost £45 each.
Finishes available: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Graphite, Black and Copper.
Cost: ££

The Abode Pronteau Prostream is a stylish tap available in a great selection of finishes to suit any style of kitchen.

While not quite reaching 100ºC, you can set the boiler to temperatures between 80 and 98ºC, allowing you to dispense water at the optimum temperature for your needs.

It has a built-in filter that maintains the long-term health of your water tank, preventing excessive limescale build-up. This also helps to get great tasting water and prevents the scum that you sometimes find in hot drinks.

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance House

7. Franke OMNI 4-In-1 Boiling Water Tap

Franke OMNI 4-In-1 Boiling Water Tap
(Stainless Steel Finish)

Temperature: 100ºC (True Boiling)
Tank Capacity: 4.2L
Filter Maintenance: Replace every 3-6 months. Cost £40 each.
Finishes available: Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Copper, Gold, Black and Brass.
Cost: £££

The Franke Omni 4-in-1 tap is super versatile, dispensing hot, cold, filtered cold and filtered boiling water from a single spout. It’s available in a wide range of different finishes, as well as two different styles (the C spout, pictured above, and a more contemporary square design).

It has a 4.2L capacity, enough for 8 mugs of tea or 2 pans of water. And when you empty the water tank, it only takes 10 minutes until the next tankful of boiling water is ready to use.

The Franke Omni has a built-in filter to ensure the water is free of any odours and impurities, as well as reducing limescale build-up. A built-in LED light indicates when the filter needs changing, which is usually every 6 months.

If you’re looking for a good quality 4-in-1 tap, the Franke Omni is a great choice!

Check out the latest prices on:
Appliance City
Appliance House

Boiling Water Tap Tank Sizes

Many boiling water taps come with different tank size options, ranging from 2 litres (2L) all the way up to 7 litres (7L).

To help understand what that means in the real world, I’ve made a little infographic below showing approximately how many cups that translates to.

Boiling Water Tap Tank Sizes information Guide

Good to know: It typically takes 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of the tank) to refill fully and be ready again for instant hot water.

Running Costs Of Boiling Water Taps

There is some debate about the running costs of boiling water taps, with questions about how ‘cost-effective’ they are. Here are my thoughts.

Quooker says it costs around 3p a day to keep the boiling water tap running on standby. In contrast, it costs around 2.5p to boil a litre of water in a kettle.

So, over time a boiling water tap should be more cost-effective when it comes to everyday use (assuming you drink more than one cup of tea a day!).

However, boiling water taps will take many many years of use to become more cost-effective than the average kettle, if you take the upfront cost of the tap into account.

So if you think you’re saving money, you most likely won’t be (at least not for quite some time).

Having said this, saving money really isn’t the point when it comes to boiling water taps. You are paying for a new kitchen lifestyle. You’re paying to have instant boiling water literally on tap.

And once you experience it, you’ll never go back.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! My favourite boiling water taps.

If you’re a big tea-drinking family, it really is worth investing in a boiling water tap. You’ll love the taste, convenience and worktop space you save. And trust me – you’ll never go back to a kettle again!

While the Quooker is my favourite, there are some great options here depending on your budget and needs.

The QETTLE is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to save a bit of money.

If you want the very best, go for the FLEX with the add-on CUBE and enjoy a life of luxury!

Just member to factor in future costs, like filters, to avoid any nasty surprises. Your future self will thank you! 🙏



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