The Best Induction Hobs With Integrated Extractor

A hob (cooktop) with integrated extractor, sometimes called a venting hob, is a ceramic, induction or gas hob with a built-in extractor fan in the centre of the hob. It functions as two appliances in one and is most commonly used on kitchen islands, where other forms of extraction are not possible or desirable.

Venting hobs have definitely been growing in popularity over the past few years and I seem to be including them more and more in my kitchen designs.

In this post, I’ve collected some of my favourite induction hobs with integrated extractors that will be sure to give your kitchen the wow factor. These are hobs that I’ve personally tested and/or been trained on as well as hobs that have received great feedback from my clients.

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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Should You Get An Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor?

There are lots of reasons why you might want an induction hob with integrated extractor. They offer a more simplified set-up, as you don’t have to have a cooker hood. This also means a sleeker, and in some cases more stylish, kitchen design. However, there are some challenges and drawbacks to these hobs, too.

Here are a few pros and cons to help inform your choice of hob (cooktop).


  • Simplified design and installation
  • Sleek and compact (two appliances in one)
  • Has a definite cool factor to it (I try to remain objective, but they are quite cool)
  • Freedom to place anywhere in the kitchen


  • Limited range available currently – Although definitely growing!
  • Takes up some cabinet space underneath (more on this at the end of the article)
  • 4 cooking zones only (Fith zone is taken up by the extractor)
  • Price (can seem expensive, but take into consideration you are buying two appliances)

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The Best Induction Hobs with Integrated Extractor

Here’s my pick of the best induction hobs with integrated extractors. These are appliances I’ve personally used, demonstrated and sold over the years or had great feedback about from my clients. There’s a range of prices, features and looks. So there’s something here for everyone!

1.  Caple DD940BK Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

Caple DD940BK induction hob with integrated extractor

The Caple DD940BK is an excellent option for a modern kitchen. With its effective incorporation of both function and style, it’s a design dream. The illuminated slider-touch switches are a particular highlight.

Main Features

  • Plasma technology. This feature incorporates innovative and effective technology designed to expel odour and catch grease and moisture. The steam, vapour, and smoke from your cooking are put through a plasma filter chemical reaction and carbon filter, with clean air released back into the room.
  • Glass cover. A glass cover conceals the extractor zone when you are not using it.
  • Simple touch controls. The settings allow you to choose the appropriate level of extraction for your cooking.
  • Enhanced safety. An automatic safety shut-off, pause functions, and child safety lock make this a safe, family-friendly choice. There’s also an anti-over heat function to safeguard your food from potentially burning.
  • Lots of functions. As a top hob, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to functions for your cooking.


  • Frameless black glass with an elegant style finish
  • Large cooking area with an easy-to-clean surface
  • A+ energy performance.
  • Slider touch control
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Effective odour extraction within your cooking environment


  • Price

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Appliance City

2. AEG IDE74243IB 72cm Recirculating Air Venting Induction Hob

This AEG hob is a good, middle-of-the-range option for your family. Combining a solid list of features and a reasonable price, it’s one I recommend to customers regularly. While not the sharpest design, it’s a solid option for your family.

Main Features

  • Hob2Hood. This feature automatically adjusts the speed of extraction based on the temperature you’re cooking with for fuss-free fanning.
  • Easy cleaning. The extraction grid is easy to remove, so you have quick access to the grease and odour filter.
  • Bridge zones. This function allows you to combine two zones in one, giving you more room to cook.


  • A Rated energy performance
  • Hands-free hood control
  • Reasonable price


  • Not the most powerful extractor
  • Read the warranty carefully, as it can be misleading
  • Recirculating extraction only

Check out the price and availability at:
Appliance City

3. Elica NT-PRIME-DO 83cm Venting Induction Hob

The super-stylish Elica Prime is the more cost-effective of the two Elica venting hob models on my list but there’s nothing budget about its function and features. Available as either ducted out or recirculating (links to ducted out version) you’ll find the perfect model to suit your kitchen design.

Main Features

  • Boost function on all zones. A powerful boost setting available in any zone can get your water boiling in no time.
  • Extractor Settings. 3-speed settings plus 2 intensive settings give you lots of options and control when it comes to getting rid of those cooking smells and grease.
  • Stop and Go function. In the middle of cooking and the doorbell goes, don’t worry, simple hit the stop and go function to pause your cooking on a low heat, then unpause to automatically resume where you left off.


  • Good choice of extraction speeds
  • Convenient and simple Touch slide Control
  • Safe, responsive cooking with 4 induction zones
  • AutoCapture – automatically begin extracting food odours when the built-in sensors detect steam from your cooking


  • Slide touch controls can be a bit fiddly at first
  • No bridge zone function

Check out the price and availability at:
Appliance City

4.  NEFF N70 T47TD7BN2 Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

NEFF N70 T47TD7BN2 Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

NEFF is another great, reliable, and budget-friendly brand that I recommend to my customers often. The N70 is middle of the range (NEFF has N50, N70 and N90 options), with quick heating and efficient, effective cooking. Its sleek, simple design feels at home in any kitchen.

Main Features

  • Speed settings. You have a choice of 9-speed settings for extraction, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you.
  • CombiZone. This feature means you can either opt to use one large combined cooking zone or two cooking zones independently. Combining two zones creates a bigger surface for cooking, perfect for your griddle.
  • Touch control. Easy to use controls mean simple cooking.


  • Good choice of extraction speeds
  • Convenient and simple TouchControl
  • Safe, responsive cooking with 4 induction zones
  • Accommodation of larger cookware by combining cooking zones


  • Slightly smaller cooking zones
  • The grease filtering ability isn’t top of the line

Compare the price and availability at:
Appliance City

5. NEFF N90 T58TL6EN2 Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

NEFF N90 T58TL6EN2 Venting Hob

Coming in at the top of NEFF’s induction hob with an integrated extractor range, the N90 is a techy dream. Its TwistPadFire feature is a personal favourite of mine! While it’s a great option, it’s also an investment, so don’t forget to check the price before falling in love.

Main Features

  • TwistPadFire. This feature is how you turn on and use your hob. Instead of a sliding system, a magnetic circular key clicks into place and is used to control the hob. Tilting the key to the zone you’re using and twisting the knob turns on the zone. It’s an easy and intuitive function that provides an added level of safety – removing the key cuts the power (like on a treadmill).
  • FlexInduction. Also known as FlexZone, this allows you to place your cookware in any area of the hob. Your cookware, no matter the shape or size, will be heated with pinpoint precision anywhere you decide to place it.
  • FryingSensor. Perfect for bluffing your cooking ability! This feature means you can select from five different temperature settings to safeguard against potential food burning.


  • 2-year warranty once you register it with its manufacturer
  • Flexible and fast heating
  • FlexInduction means you can place your pots and pans anywhere you like on the hob
  • Nifty TwistPadFire offers simple, safe, and stylish control


  • Noisy extraction at high speed
  • Pricey (this is top of the range)

Compare the price and availability at:
Appliance City

6.  Siemens ED711FQ15E Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

Siemens ED711FQ15E Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

The Siemens ED711FQ15E is another solid venting hob choice. With 4 cooking zones that each have a 17-stage power setting, on top of lots of other features, it’s a great option at a good price.

Main Features

  • Dual Lightslider. This feature lets you quickly and simply pick your cooking zone and temperature.
  • FryingSensor Plus. You’ll never burn food again! This feature makes cooking easier than ever.
  • PowerMove Plus. This feature makes it easy and intuitive to control the 3 heating zones.
  • FlexInduction. A great feature for flexible cooking, this allows you to use various sizes of pots and pans easily, safely and efficiently.
  • iQdrive. Efficient, effective, and quiet motor powers your extractor fan.


  • Greater cooking flexibility
  • Smooth, intuitive controls
  • Automatic pan recognition
  • High-performance fan


  • Slightly older model that could soon be replaced by a higher spec option

Check out the price and availability at:
Appliance City

7. Elica NikolaTesla Switch (Recirculating)


Style, function, and choice are the name of the game with the Elica NikolaTesla venting hob. A sleek look is combined with a choice of extraction: recirculating or vented. Typically, people choose recirculating hobs, as vented hobs are a headache to install and can require extensive building work. Either option is great, but if easy installation is the name of the game, I’d recommend the recirculating extraction model.

Main Features

  • Airmatic smart technology. With this feature, you’ll never have to adjust the extraction speed. Clever sensors detect how much extraction is needed based on what you are cooking and the fume quality produced.
  • Pan Detection. Your cookware is automatically detected when placed in the cooking zone.
  • Bridge Zones. Cooking zones can be merged to accommodate larger pots and pans. Perfect for when you have the whole family around and need a bit more capacity.
  • Nine power levels and power booster. This allows you to make the most of your 4 zones for quick and efficient cooking.


  • Efficient, reusable filters that last for up to five years
  • Powerful extraction, quietly done
  • A+ energy rating
  • Fun design with built-in fan cover


  • Some reports of design flaws in the glass fixings
  • Can be slow with after-sales service

Compare the price and availability at:
Appliance City

8.  BORA Basic Surface Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

If it’s space, convenience and style that you’re after, then the BORA basic venting hob is the one for you. With a smart design that maximises space for cooking and an attractive circular fan, you’ll enjoy this hob switched off and on. It’s also family-friendly, with easy-to-clean filters and a quiet extraction fan.

Main Features

  • Automatic extractor control. No need to worry about speed. The automatic controls detect how much extraction is needed, so you don’t have to.
  • Heat retention. Three heat retention levels allow you to keep food warm without worrying about burning.
  • Large cooking surface. The design allows for 4 24cm cooking zones, accommodating 4 large pans at once.
  • Style. The BORA basic venting hob is a Good Design Award winner – I’m sure you can see why!


  • Easy clean parts
  • Quiet fan
  • Variable heat retention
  • Sleek design
  • Ample space for cooking


  • You can’t buy this online. It can only be purchased from kitchen showrooms.


What To Consider When Buying A Venting Hob


As venting hobs are relatively new and you have the extractor taking up space in the middle of the hob, their functions and features can be a little basic. If you have to have a five-ring hob then chances are you won’t like the venting hob, as they can only fit four rings.

Other functions like combining two zones to make one large zone for griddle cooking may not be available, or you will have to spend more money to get these functions that would otherwise be available in a lower-priced standard induction hob.

A feature (in my opinion) you should always make sure you have is the power boost option. This gets things heating up very fast and can be a great time saver.

Extraction Rate

Just because it looks like a hob, don’t forget it’s also your cooker hood. Make sure the extraction rate is sufficient for the size of the room you have. Some models and brands have a higher extraction rate than others, so make sure you check and compare them for your needs. Extraction rates will be measured in metres cubed an hour (m³/hour).

Noise (dB)

Again, it’s not just a hob. How noisy is this thing going to be when you have it cranked all the way up to get rid of that awful burning smell you’ve managed to create? Check the decibels (dB) to make sure it’s not too noisy, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen living room.


Very important this one, it’s so often forgotten or people simply not aware of.

If you buy a venting hob it will need an extraction system kit. This will either be for vented extraction or recirculating extraction.

Always check if the kit you need is included in the price, as most often it won’t be and you will need to source this separately, usually direct from the manufacturer. They are not the cheapest things so remember to factor that into your budget.

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How Much Cabinet Space Does A Venting Hob Take Up?

Depending on the make and model they typically need between 200 – 300mm of depth from the top of your countertop down into your cabinet underneath. In most cases, the hob will take up the space of the top drawer (if you’re having a drawer cabinet below) and may even start to reach the top of the middle drawer.

The other consideration to make is the positioning of your venting duct.

As you can see from the images below, the ducting needs to come out of the hob and go down into the plinth space underneath your kitchen cabinet. From there it will either go along to an outside wall where it will vent externally. Or it will vent back into the room through a grill or opening in the plinth.

If the ducting is positioned to come out the back of the hob and down you will need additional space (or depth) behind your kitchen cabinet to accommodate the ducting. This is usually achievable on kitchen islands where you may have a void between cabinets or end panels.

However, if the hob is installed on a run of cabinets against a wall, or you have a shallow depth island and don’t have that additional depth available. The ducting will have to come down inside the kitchen cabinet, taking up space internally. This means that if you want any drawers inside, they will have to be shallow-depth drawers.

So in some instances, when installing an induction hob with a built-in extractor, you will not only lose the top drawer but you’ll also lose the full depth of any other drawers underneath. It all depends on the make, model and ducting positioning, as well as the location within your kitchen layout.

Can You Have Drawers Under A Venting Hob?

Yes, you can have drawers underneath a venting hob. The exact amount and configuration of drawers will depend on the model of the venting hob as well as the positioning of the ducting.

Usually, you will lose the top drawer of any drawer cabinet because the induction hobs motor, fan and electronics take up this space. However, there is normally enough space to have the bottom two deep pan drawers underneath.

Always check the installation specification to see exactly how much space the appliance needs.

Can You Fit A Venting Hob Above An Oven?

No. You won’t be able to install a venting hob above a built-under oven. Because of the venting hobs fan, motor and electronics it means it takes up too much space underneath your countertop and inside your base cabinet. Therefore you won’t have enough room to install an oven underneath and inside a base cabinet.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! The best induction hobs with an integrated extractor.

If you’re not crazy about the look of cooker hoods but still want extraction in your kitchen, an induction hob with an integrated extractor might be the ideal choice for you.

From fun design to easy cleaning, quiet extraction to ample cooking surfaces, the benefits of these hobs are endless. The next question is, which one will you choose?



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