Best Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor – Top Picks For 2024

A hob (cooktop) with an integrated extractor, sometimes called a venting hob, is a ceramic, induction or gas hob with a built-in extractor fan in the centre of the hob.

It functions as two appliances in one and is most commonly used on kitchen islands (although not limited to) where other forms of extraction are not possible or desirable.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favourite induction hobs with integrated extractors.

These are hobs that I’ve personally tested and/or been trained on as well as hobs that have received great feedback from my clients.

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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Should You Get An Induction Hob With An Integrated Extractor?

Venting hobs have definitely been growing in popularity over the past few years and as a kitchen design expert, I seem to be including them more and more in my client’s kitchen designs.

There are lots of reasons why you might want an induction hob with an integrated extractor. They offer a more simplified set-up, as you don’t have to have a conventional cooker hood.

This means a sleeker, and in some cases more stylish, kitchen design. However, there are some challenges and drawbacks to these hobs too.

Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if a venting hob is the right choice for you:


  • Simplified Design and Installation: Combining an induction hob and extractor eliminates the need for a separate overhead extraction system, streamlining the installation process and reducing the number of components needed.

  • Space-Saving Design: The integrated approach of a venting hob means a sleeker, clutter-free kitchen space. With the extractor built right into the hob, you can do away with bulky overhead hoods. (Two appliances in one)

  • Modern Aesthetic: Venting hobs possess a contemporary design that’s both functional and stylish, enhancing the overall look of modern kitchens. (I try to remain objective, but they are quite cool)

  • Versatile Placement: Without the restriction of an overhead extractor, you have more freedom to position your hob anywhere in the kitchen, including on an island or in front of a window.


  • Limited Availability: Currently, there might be fewer model options available for venting hobs compared to traditional setups. But as their popularity grows, we can expect more choices in the future.

  • Cabinet Space Requirement: To accommodate the built-in extractor, some cabinet space below the hob is necessary. This might reduce storage options directly underneath the appliance.

  • Cooking Zone Limitations: Typically, venting hobs offer four cooking zones, with the 5th zone being used for extraction. Depending on your cooking habits, this might be limiting.

  • Cost Implications: The combined functionality of a venting hob can make it pricier than purchasing a separate hob and extractor. However, considering you’re investing in a two-in-one solution, the price might be justifiable for many.

  • Maintenance and Cleaning: The combined appliance means that there are more components in one place that require cleaning and maintenance. Grease and food particles might accumulate in the extractor, necessitating regular cleaning to ensure efficient operation.

  • Potential for Reduced Extraction Efficiency: While the direct placement of the extractor is good, there’s the possibility that, in larger cooking areas or with particularly odorous or smoky foods, the extractor might not capture everything as effectively as a larger overhead system would.

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The Best Induction Hobs with Integrated Extractors

Here’s my pick of the best induction hobs with integrated extractors (venting hobs). These are appliances I’ve personally used, demonstrated and sold over the years or had great feedback about from my clients.

There’s a range of prices, features and looks. So there’s something here for everyone!

1. NEFF N90 T58TL6EN2 Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

NEFF N90 T58TL6EN2 Venting Hob

Key Features

  • Frameless black glass surface with a stainless steel trim for modern aesthetics
  • Each pair of zones can combine to form a large flex induction zone for larger pans or multiple pans
  • Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone for precise cooking control
  • FryingSensorPlus with 5 selectable temperature settings for perfect frying
  • Timer, Boost setting, QuickStart function, and Keep warm function for each zone
  • 9 extractor speed settings plus intensive for flexible ventilation control
  • Cast iron dishwasher-safe air inlet grid and removable dishwasher-safe grease filter
  • Extraction rate: max. normal 500 m³/h, Boost/Intensive setting 634 m³/h in ducted extraction and 611 m³/h in recirculated extraction
  • Noise level: max. normal setting of 69dB, Boost/Intensive setting of 74dB in ducted extraction and similar levels in recirculated extraction

Coming in at the top of NEFF’s induction hob with an integrated extractor range, the N90 is a techy dream. Its TwistPadFire feature is a personal favourite of mine! While it’s a great option, it’s also an investment, so don’t forget to check the price before falling in love.

The Neff T58TL6EN2 is suitable for both ducted extraction and recirculation, providing versatility based on your kitchen setup.

The remarkable FlexZone feature allows freedom in pan placement, heating your cookware precisely where it stands. Controlling the hob is simple and intuitive with Neff’s TwistPad Fire hob control. Instead of a sliding system, a magnetic circular key clicks into place and is used to control the hob.

Tilting the key to the zone you’re using and twisting the knob turns on the zone. It’s an easy and intuitive function that provides an added level of safety – removing the key cuts the power (like on a treadmill).

The extractor ensures optimal air quality in your kitchen with its efficient classes – A for energy and blower efficiency, and B for grease filtering efficiency. Its automatic extraction functionality, combined with a climate control sensor and 9-speed settings, assures an odour-free and comfortable kitchen environment.


  • FlexInduction means you can place your pots and pans anywhere you like on the hob
  • Nifty TwistPadFire offers simple, safe, and stylish control


  • Noisy extraction at the highest speed
  • Pricey (this is top of the range for NEFF)

Compare the price and availability at:
Appliance City

2. Elica NT-PRIME 83cm Venting Induction Hob (Ducted)

Elica NT-PRIME 83cm Venting Induction Hob (Ducted)

Key Features

  • Frameless black glass surface with a cast iron grille
  • Timer and 9 power levels for precision cooking
  • Booster function on all zones for quick heating
  • Child control lock and residual heat indicator
  • Stop & Go function to pause and resume cooking
  • Keep warm function to maintain the temperature of your food
  • Extractor with 3-speed settings and 2 intensive settings
  • Intuitive extraction with a maximum rate of 610m³/hour
  • Noise level at the intensive setting: 66 dB
  • AutoCapture feature to automatically adjust extraction power

The super-stylish Elica Prime is the more cost-effective of the two Elica venting hob models on my list but there’s nothing budget about its function and features. Available as either ducted-out or recirculating you’ll find the perfect model to suit your kitchen design.

The NikolaTesla Prime boasts a variety of features including touch controls, 9 power levels, and an impressive A energy rating. Finished in elegant black glass with a cast iron grille, it guarantees not only aesthetic appeal but also efficient improvement of your kitchen’s air quality.

The built-in extractor begins its function as soon as it detects steam, automatically adjusting the extraction power to suit your cooking, leaving you free from manual control hassles.

Its unique Stop & Go function allows you to pause the cooking process and resume it when you’re ready, offering convenience and preventing any mishaps.


  • The most competitively priced hob on my list (especially the ducted version)
  • Stylish frameless look
  • Pretty quiet extractor even on full power


  • Slide touch controls can be a bit fiddly at first
  • No bridge zone function

Check out the price and availability at: – Ducted Version – Recirculating Version
Appliance City – Ducted Version
Appliance City – Recirculating Version

3. Elica NikolaTesla Switch (Recirculating)


Key Features

  • Both pairs of zones have a bridge function to create one large zone, perfect for large pots and pans.
  • Stop and Go function and temperature manager for enhanced control and precision.
  • Automatic pan recognition, overheating protection, and residual heat indicators for safety and energy efficiency.
  • 9-speed settings plus an intensive setting for the extractor, offering precise control over the extraction rate.
  • Intuitive extraction with an extraction rate (maximum) 400m³/hour, and (intensive) 647m³/hour.
  • Low noise levels with a maximum of 59dB, and intensive 70dB.
  • Included ceramic filter for recirculation that lasts up to five years, and can be regenerated in the oven.
  • Smart sensors that automatically adjust extraction settings as required.

The second and slightly more expensive Elica venting hob on my list, the Elica NikolaTesla Switch is available recirculating or vented.

This rather sleek design features a double bridge function, which allows two adjacent cooking zones to combine, creating space for larger pots and enhancing your cooking options.

The appliance is designed with slider touch controls and offers nine power levels, giving you full control over your cooking process.

With its impressive A+ energy rating and sleek black glass finish, the NikolaTesla Switch is not only a visually pleasing addition to your kitchen but also an energy-efficient choice that enhances the air quality in your cooking space.

The recirculating model includes ceramic filters that last up to five years and can be easily regenerated in the oven, providing an efficient, low-maintenance solution for recirculating air in your kitchen.


  • Very powerful extractor at 647m³/hour (intensive mode)
  • Efficient, reusable ceramic filters that last for up to five years (recirculating model only)


  • More expensive than the other Elica on my list
  • Can get quite noisy at full power

Compare the price and availability at: – Recirculating Version – Ducted Version
Appliance City – Recirculating Version
Appliance City – Ducted Version

4. BORA Basic Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

Key Features

  • Minimal noise even at high power levels due to the quiet fan.
  • Low installation height under 200 mm, offering ample storage space for kitchen utensils.
  • Large cooking surface allows simultaneous cooking with four pots up to 24 cm.
  • Integrated drip tray to safely catch solids and liquids during cooking.
  • Child-lock feature for safety, preventing unintentional activation.
  • Pause function to temporarily deactivate all cooking zones.
  • Easy cleaning with parts removable through the inlet opening for dishwasher cleaning.
  • Comes with an extended three-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Powerful extraction (Max) 647 m³/h
  • Quiet extraction (Max) 69dB

If you want my absolute favourite and, in my opinion, best venting hob then consider getting a BORA. There are various models and configurations available depending on your circumstances but I’ve featured the BORA Basic here. A great choice! (Just make sure you get the induction one).

The only downside (and why it’s not in my top table at the start) is that you can’t buy them online. You’ll need to go to an authorised distributor or kitchen showroom.

This state-of-the-art all-rounder promises a superior cooking experience, easy cleaning, optimal room design, and space-saving options.

Even at high power levels, the quiet fan keeps the extractor’s noise to a minimum, creating a serene cooking environment. With an installation height of under 200 mm and an integrated recirculation unit, it ensures maximum storage space for kitchen essentials.

The large cooking surface, with the central operating panel by the extractor, allows for simultaneous use of up to four 24cm pots, facilitating efficient multi-task cooking. For safety, the child-lock feature prevents unintended activation, and the pause function allows temporary deactivation of all cooking zones.

With a stainless steel grease filter that retains its original appearance and stability despite regular dishwasher cleaning, and easily removable parts for hassle-free maintenance, BORA Basic prioritizes longevity and convenience. All backed up by an extended three-year warranty.


  • Fantastic extraction at (Max) 647 m³/h
  • Superior build quality
  • Shallow depth installation means you get more of your cupboard space below.


  • On the pricier side.
  • You can’t buy this online. It can only be purchased from kitchen showrooms or authorised retailers.
  • No bridge function on the basic model

Head over to the BORA website to learn more –

5. AEG IDE74243IB 72cm Recirculating Air Venting Induction Hob

AEG IDE74243IB 72cm Recirculating Air Venting Induction Hob

Key Features

  • Automated extraction with Hob2Hood technology, adjusting fan speed based on your cooking activity
  • Bridge function to combine two cooking zones for larger pans or meals
  • Child safety lock function for enhanced safety
  • Indicators for grease and carbon filter saturation for easy maintenance
  • 3-speed settings plus 2 intensive settings for the extraction fan
  • Energy class A, Fluid dynamic efficiency class B, and Grease filter efficiency class D for high-efficiency
  • Aluminium grease filter and charcoal filter included
  • Suitable for recirculation only with a maximum recirculation rate of 365m³/hour and intensive recirculation rate of 515m³/hour
  • Noise level max at 62dB and 67dB at the intensive setting.

The AEG IDE74243IB ComboHob is an innovative blend of induction cooking and powerful extraction, all in one sleek appliance. With its smooth black surface and width of 70cm, this venting hob is a contemporary addition to any kitchen and offers ample cooking space with four induction zones.

The Hob2Hood technology automatically adjusts the extraction fan’s speed based on your cooking activity. Whether you’re simmering or searing, the hob communicates with the hood to provide optimal ventilation, allowing you to focus solely on perfecting your culinary creations.

Expansive cooking is effortless with the Bridge function. This unique feature lets you combine two cooking zones, making it a breeze to cook for larger gatherings or use bigger pans, all while maintaining a consistent temperature across the linked zones.

This AEG model comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty, guaranteeing its quality, reliability, and long-lasting service.

Designed for recirculation use only, the IDE74243IB offers a maximum extraction rate of 570 m3/h and a maximum noise level of 67dB, ensuring efficient operation while maintaining a pretty quiet cooking environment.


  • Compact size for smaller kitchens without too much compromise on the size of the zones
  • Nice to have both sides as bridging zones
  • Fairly competitive price


  • Not the most powerful extractor
  • Recirculating extraction only

Check out the price and availability at:
Appliance City

6. NEFF N70 T47TD7BN2 Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

NEFF N70 T47TD7BN2 Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

Key Features

  • Maximum extraction rate of 622m³ per hour
  • 4 induction zones with the option to combine two for a larger cooking area
  • PerfectCook, PerfectFry, and PerfectAir sensors for automatic hood control
  • Residual heat indicator, timer, boost setting for all zones, and MoveMode
  • 9 extractor speeds plus 1 intensive, with an automatic revert setting
  • Saturation indicator for odour filter
  • HomeConnect compatibility for convenient smart controls

The Neff T47TD7BN2 is the first of two Neff venting hobs on my list and the more budget-friendly of the two. I’ve used and sold Neff appliances my whole career and they are always a good solid choice.

The hob is packed with advanced technologies like PerfectCook for precise temperature control, PerfectFry for optimal roasting, and a PerfectAir sensor that automatically adjusts the hood settings for you.

The touch controls allow you to select your desired cooking zone, power level, and additional functions with ease. It’s also suitable for installation into a 60cm base cabinet, despite its 70cm wide surface.

It features 4 induction zones that efficiently heat your cookware with minimal energy wastage. You also have the option to combine two zones, giving you additional space for larger cookware.

The Electronic touch controls and power level display, 17-stage power settings for each zone, MoveMode, timer, boost setting, residual heat indicator, ReStart function, control panel lock, and automatic safety switch-off all work together to make your cooking experience as seamless as possible.

The extractor boasts a very respectable maximum extraction rate of 622m³ per hour and features 9 speeds plus 1 intensive setting, an automatic 30-minute running timer, integrated stainless steel grease filters, a condensation and liquid collector unit, and a saturation indicator for the odour filter.


  • Good extraction rate
  • Lots of nice ‘techy’ features


  • Quite noisy at 74 dB when in the intensive mode
  • More expensive than the similar-sized AEG

Compare the price and availability at:
Appliance City

7. Caple DD810BK 80cm Air Venting Induction Hob

Caple DD810BK 80cm Air Venting Induction Hob

Key Features

  • Bridge function for combining zones
  • Sleek design featuring frameless black glass with stainless steel extractor grille
  • 9 power levels with a boost function and timer for each zone
  • Residual heat indicators, grill function, memory recall, and keep warm function
  • Child safety lock, automatic pan detection, anti-overheat protection, and automatic safety shut-off
  • Integrated extractor with touch controls and 9-speed settings including a boost
  • Auto timer, maximum extraction rate: 570m³/hour, and maximum noise level: 70dB
  • Suitable for flush or inset installation

Perhaps a lesser-known brand in the world of kitchen hobs, they are my go-to for wine coolers, but Caple does some lovely induction hobs too.

The Caple DD810BK is a stylish and high-performance induction hob with an integrated extractor. Designed with stunning black glass and a stainless steel extractor grille, this modern appliance is suitable for both flush and inset installation, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen design.

The induction hob features four distinct zones, each providing varying power levels to cater to all your cooking needs. With the inclusion of the bridge function, you can conveniently combine two zones when you need a larger cooking area, perfect for skillets and big pans.

The Induction hob also includes other advanced features such as invisi touch controls, 9 power levels with a boost function, a timer for each zone, a pause function, residual heat indicators, a grill function, memory recall, keep warm function at 70°C, child safety lock, automatic pan detection, and anti-overheat protection.

Embedded in the centre of the hob, the stainless steel extractor grille is designed to handle all your ventilation needs. It offers 9-speed settings including a boost for those especially aromatic dishes. An auto-timer that switches off after 10 minutes and a maximum noise level of 70dB ensures a quiet and efficient operation.


  • Nice frameless design
  • Lots of features and ‘tech’


  • Not the most powerful extraction rate
  • The extractor is on the noisier side

Check out the latest price and availability at:
Appliance City

8. Siemens ED711FQ15E 70cm Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

Siemens ED711FQ15E Induction Hob With Integrated Extractor

Key Features

  • Suitable for installation into a 60 cm base cabinet
  • HomeConnect enabled for a ‘smart’ kitchen experience
  • MoveMode, Timer, Boost setting, Residual heat indicator, ReStart function for each zone
  • 9 speeds plus 1 intensive setting for flexible extraction control
  • Condensate and liquid collector unit with saturation indicator for odour filter
  • CombiZone feature to connect two induction zones together for larger cookware
  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher-safe grease filters and a triple overflow protection system
  • PowerBoost increases induction zone power by up to 50%, saving you time
  • Extraction performance: max. normal setting 500 m3/h, max. Boost/Intensive setting 622 m³/h in ducted extraction and 615 m³/h in recirculated extraction
  • Noise level: max. Boost/Intensive setting 74 dB in ducted extraction and similar levels in recirculated extraction

Part of the Bosch and Neff family, Siemens are another brand I’ve been using for years. They’re usually a touch pricier than their family members but have top build quality to make up for it.

The Siemens ED711FQ15E iQ500 boasts an impressive extraction rate of up to 622m³ per hour, ensuring a clean and pleasant kitchen environment.

The hob features innovative functions like PerfectCook for precise temperature control, PerfectFry for achieving the perfect browning of your roasted foods, and the PerfectAir sensor that automatically adjusts the hood settings for you.

The DirectSelect Premium controls simplify your cooking experience by allowing direct selection of your desired cooking zone, power, and additional functions.


  • Good build quality
  • High-performance extractor


  • A little more expensive than some of its very similar counterparts.
  • The extractor is on the noisier side when in intensive mode

Check out the price and availability at:
Appliance City

What To Consider When Buying A Venting Hob

If you’d like to learn more about how venting hobs work check out my video below:


As venting hobs are relatively new and you have the extractor taking up space in the middle of the hob, their functions and features can be a little basic.

If you have to have a five-ring hob then chances are you won’t like the venting hob, as they can only fit four rings.

Other functions like combining two zones to make one large zone for griddle cooking may not be available, or you will have to spend more money to get these functions that would otherwise be available in a lower-priced standard induction hob.

A feature (in my opinion) you should always make sure you have is the power boost option. This gets things heating up very fast and can be a great time saver.

Extraction Rate

Just because it looks like a hob, don’t forget it’s also your cooker hood. Make sure the extraction rate is sufficient for the size of the room you have.

Some models and brands have a higher extraction rate than others, so make sure you check and compare them for your needs. Extraction rates will be measured in metres cubed an hour (m³/hour).

Noise (dB)

Again, it’s not just a hob. How noisy is this thing going to be when you have it cranked all the way up to get rid of that awful burning smell you’ve managed to create?

Check the decibels (dB) to make sure it’s not too noisy, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen living room.


Very important this one, it’s so often forgotten or people simply not aware of.

If you buy a venting hob it will need an extraction system kit. This will either be for vented extraction or recirculating extraction.

Always check if the kit you need is included in the price, as most often it won’t be and you will need to source this separately, usually direct from the manufacturer. They are not the cheapest things so remember to factor that into your budget.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! The best induction hobs with an integrated extractor.

If you’re not crazy about the look of cooker hoods but still want extraction in your kitchen, an induction hob with an integrated extractor might be the ideal choice for you.

From fun design to easy cleaning, and quiet extraction to ample cooking surfaces, the benefits of these hobs are endless. The next question is, which one will you choose?



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