The Best Pyrolytic Ovens – Self-Cleaning Machines

Ever wanted an oven that could clean itself? A pyrolytic oven gives you exactly that and much more.

The self-cleaning function heats the oven to around 500°C, ensuring that every bit of grease and grime is carbonised and rendered into ash for easier cleaning.

Saving you valuable time and eliminating the frustration of scrubbing a dirty oven and potentially dealing with strong oven-cleaning chemicals.

In this post, I’m sharing my favourite pyrolytic ovens and explaining a little bit about the different types.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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Hotpoint SI4854PIX

Miele ContourLine H7164BP

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The Best Pyrolytic Ovens

Below are my favourite pyrolytic ovens that I have either personally used at home or in the showroom during cooking demonstrations, manufacturer training days or get great feedback from customers. 👍

1. NEFF B57CR22N0B N70 Slide&Hide Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven

NEFF B57CR22N0B N70 Slide&Hide Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven

Capacity: 71 L
Number of Functions: 12
Energy Rating: A+
Key Features: Multifunctional cooking, CircoTherm technology, Slide&Hide® door

The NEFF B57CR22N0B is probably the oven I have recommended most over the last few years thanks to its well-rounded features and performance.

Aside from its generous 71-litre capacity, it’s also got plenty of cooking functions for a variety of great meals, whether you have pot roast or cupcakes on the menu.

Neff’s CircoTherm technology ensures even heat circulation throughout the shelves for even, consistent cooking, plus the fantastic Slide&Hide® door tucks neatly underneath the oven cavity.

Perfect for small galley kitchens and a must-have for any Great British Bake Off fan!

Overall, this self-cleaning oven is a great choice for any kitchen. Which is why it gets my ‘best overall’ pick!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City

2. Hotpoint SI4854PIX Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven

Hotpoint SI4854PIX Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven

Capacity: 71 L
Number of Functions: 14
Energy Rating: A+
Key Features: Fingerprint-resistant finish, quadruple glazing, powerful pyrolytic cleaning

Around the £400 mark (as of writing), this Hotpoint model makes for a fantastic budget-minded option. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get less for your money

With 14 highly versatile functions, you’ll have plenty of cooking settings on hand for a variety of great dishes. As well, Hotpoint’s Multiflow technology ensures you get even cooking no matter which shelf you’re using.

The beautiful stainless steel finish also resists fingerprints, ensuring that it looks good no matter how much you use your oven. The quadruple glazing also keeps the oven surface cool to the touch during cooking.

And let’s not forget the powerful self-cleaning function that makes short work of leftover grease and fat splatter.

Loads of great features at a very competitive price, that’s why it gets my ‘best budget’ pick!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:

3. Miele ContourLine H7164BP Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven with added Steam Function

Miele ContourLine H7164BP Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven with added Steam Function

Capacity: 76 L
Number of Functions: 10
Energy Rating: A+
Key Features: Wi-Fi connectivity, easy-to-use controls, accurate heat settings, steam function, fingerprint-resistant finish

I’m a big fan of Miele products. And whilst this Miele ContourLine model is on the pricier end of this list, its impressive premium features make it worth every penny spent.

These include the Moisture Plus feature that makes it easier to bake fluffy loaves and brown crusts to perfection. Miele’s “1 Degree Accuracy” technology also gives you absolute precision when it comes to cooking your favourite meals.

The Miele also comes WiFi-enabled, which means you can control a variety of oven settings with your compatible smartphone no matter where you are.

Combine these features with a fingerprint-resistant finish and straightforward sensor controls and you have yourself a brilliant premium option to consider.

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City

4. Bosch Serie 4 HBS573BS0B Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven

Bosch Serie 4 HBS573BS0B Built-In Pyrolytic Single Oven

Capacity: 71 L
Number of Functions: 6
Energy Rating: A
Key Features: 3D Hot Air system, 10 automatic programmes, retractable control knobs, defrost function

It’s hard to pass up this Bosch Serie 4 oven if you’re looking for a great mid-range option.

In addition to its wonderful pyrolytic self-cleaning function, the Bosch also boasts a hot air circulation system for even, consistent cooking without worries about flavour transfer.

You’ll also have an abundance of automatic programs at your fingertips, plus a handy defrost feature for unthawing a variety of foods. And speaking of fingertips, the retractable control knobs are a nice design touch.

A host of great features at a competitive price point make this Bosch pyrolytic oven my ‘best mid-range’ pick!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City

5. AEG BPE748380T Pyrolytic Multifunction Single Oven – Matte Black

AEG BPE748380T Pyrolytic Multifunction Single Oven

Capacity: 71 L
Number of Functions: 16
Energy Rating: A++
Key Features: AssistedCooking function, Telescopic shelves, Food probe, WiFi connectivity

If you’re looking for a feature-packed pyrolytic oven, then look no further.

It’s tough to know where to start with this one, so let’s start with the amazing AssistedCooking feature, it’s like having a personal chef!

It has a built-in cookbook that guides you through recipes. Plus, it comes with a special thermometer food probe that checks the temperature inside your food to make sure it’s cooked just right every time, whether you’re making something sweet or savoury. Just pick what you’re cooking on its screen, and it’ll adjust its settings to cook it perfectly.

The bright LED display screen is easy to read and control. You can tap its buttons like a smartphone to set your cooking options, all on a sleek-looking panel.

Along with a Wi-Fi connection and the ‘My AEG Kitchen’ App, which gives you cooking tips and lets you start your oven from anywhere in your home. So, you can relax in your living room and still keep an eye on your meal.

A stylish matte black finish and a soft-closing door round out the list of impressive features of this pyrolytic oven, making it my best features pick!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City


Is it worth paying extra for a pyrolytic oven?

Obviously, it depends on your circumstances but personally, I think so. 👍

If you do a lot of oven cooking and really dislike cleaning it, investing in a pyrolytic oven is a smart choice.

Also, many high-end ovens include this self-cleaning feature as standard, so you may end up with one by default if you’re looking for an oven with advanced features.

But, if you rarely find yourself cleaning your oven or don’t use it much, the extra cost for pyrolytic cleaning might not be worth it. In that case, you could save money by choosing an oven with catalytic cleaning instead.

Do pyrolytic ovens clean the glass?

Yes, pyrolytic ovens can clean the glass to a certain extent.

The high temperatures during the self-clean cycle will remove caked-on food and grease from the oven glass. However, they won’t leave the glass perfectly clear and shining like a window; some manual cleaning may still be needed to achieve a streak-free finish.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it, the best pyrolytic ovens. Self-cleaning machines that take the elbow grease out of oven cleaning.

My best overall pick has to be the NEFF B57CR22N0B. Possibly my most recommended oven ever. It has the perfect balance of features, performance and price.

If you’re on a tighter budget then the Hotpoint SI4854PIX is a fantastic choice you can’t go wrong with.

However, if money is no object and you want the best of the best then the Miele H7164BP is the one for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. No one ever is with Miele!

What do you think? Will you go for a pyrolytic oven in your next kitchen?



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