Built-In Oven Sizes – The Complete Guide

Whether you’re upgrading an existing kitchen or undertaking a full renovation, getting the right size built-in oven is important. But figuring out the right oven size for you and your kitchen can be a bit confusing.

There is more choice than ever before when buying a new built-in oven. From double ovens to compact ovens and everything in between, the selection can seem endless.

Don’t panic! In this post, you’ll learn all about sizes, styles and fits of built-in ovens. So after reading you will know the exact type of oven and size is perfect for you.

Are Built-In Ovens All The Same Size?

Yes….and no.

All built-in ovens come in standard sizes. These are the outside measurements of the oven. However, standard sizes will vary slightly depending on the type of oven.

As well as this, the internal capacity of each oven will vary between models. This is measured in litres. The more litres, the more cooking space you’ll have.

However, it’s not just the capacity that’s important for cooking space. The number of shelves in the oven also makes a difference.

So remember, the overall dimensions of an oven can be the same, but the internal capacity and number of shelves can be different. Make sure you look at the capacity of the oven if you want the biggest space possible for your Christmas turkey!

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Built-In Ovens – Types And Sizes

I’ve included the most common or average dimensions for the different sizes of ovens below. While the majority of ovens will conform to these sizes, it’s always important to check the model’s exact dimensions as there can be some small variations.

Double Oven

Double Oven dimensions

Oven Size: 90cm high x 60cm wide x 55-58cm deep
Capacity: 85-135L

Standard double ovens are too tall to be installed under the countertop. They must be installed in a tower oven housing. This can be in a midi height, tall, or extra tall unit.

Built-Under Double Oven

Built-Under Double Oven Size

Oven Size: 70cm High x 60cm Wide x 55-58cm Deep.

Built-under double ovens are smaller than a standard built-in double oven so they fit under standard kitchen countertops.

As the average kitchen countertop is 87cm from the floor to the underside of the countertop, built-under double ovens are more compact. If you’re looking for big capacity, this may not be the right choice for you.

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Single Oven

Single Oven Size

Oven Size: 60cm high x 60cm wide x 55-58cm deep

Single ovens can be installed either under the countertop in a base oven housing or a tower oven housing cabinet. Like with a double oven, the cabinet can be a midi height, tall, or extra tall unit.

Compact Oven

Compact Oven Size

Oven Size: 45cm high x 60cm wide x 55-58cm deep
Capacity: 30-50L

Compact ovens, as the name suggests, are smaller sized ovens. They are three quarters the size of a standard single oven, to be exact. Just like a single oven, they can be installed under the countertop or in a tower oven housing cabinet.

Warming Drawers

Warming Drawer Diagram

Size: 14cm or 29cm high x 60cm wide x 55cm deep
Capacity: Up to 14 plates or Up to 40 plates

Okay, so this isn’t an oven. However, warming drawers are still quite popular with my clients – especially since the Great British Bake Off has taken off! We’ve seen a rise (pun intended) in the number of home bakers who are looking for warming drawers to proof their bread.

As the width and depth of warming drawers are similar to ovens, I thought they deserved an honorary mention.

Warming drawers are great small appliances that have more uses than you might think. However, they are quite commonly used to balance the design of a kitchen more than anything.

A compact oven with a warming drawer underneath equals the same dimensions and size as a single oven. Therefore, they are often used when you have ovens side by side in cabinets and want the overall fascia size to match.

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Oven Size Guide

What Size Oven Do I Need?

When it comes to choosing the right oven, only you will know what you want and need. Think of the size, functions and type of cooking you like to do and see which type and size oven best fulfils your need. 

Single Oven

For most households, a single oven will be more than adequate for everyday cooking.

If you feel you need a big single oven, make sure to look out for the capacity (cavity size) and the number of shelves available to maximize cooking space.

Double Oven / Built-Under Double Oven

A double oven can be useful for cooks who find themselves needing to grill (broil) something while other food is baking in the oven.

It might also be if you like to cook multiple things at the same time and need that little bit of extra room to get another tray of food cooking.

However, the main oven on a double oven tends to be a little smaller than the main cavity of a single oven. When it comes to a built-under double oven these smaller sized oven capacities are even more apparent as you fit two cavities into a smaller overall size.

So if you need more cavity space for large dishes, you may be better off with a single oven (or my next suggestion!).

Single Oven + Compact Oven (Combi Oven)

Kitchen with Single Oven and Compact Oven
Kitchen with single oven and compact oven

By far the most popular and requested combination of ovens I get asked for as a kitchen designer is a full size built-in single oven and a compact oven.

The compact oven is most commonly a combi oven, where it doubles up as a microwave as well as a second oven and grill. This eliminates the need for a separate microwave taking up precious countertop or cupboard space.

Having a single oven and a compact oven is the best of both worlds. It gives you the bigger main oven that you get from a single oven while also offering a second (albeit smaller) fully functional oven, grill and (if you want) microwave.

And don’t forget, if you want a single oven and compact oven side by side rather than one on top of the other, you can add a warming drawer to get that exact matching fascia size.

Win, win!

Final Thoughts…

Choosing the right size oven can be daunting at first. With so much choice on the market, how do you know what you’re looking at and what’s right for you?

I hope this guide has helped you answer that question.

Whether big or compact, single or double, there’s an oven out there waiting for your cakes, cookies, and Christmas dinner!



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