The Best 4 Zone Induction Hobs – Compact, Controlled Cooking

With induction cooking on the rise, the most popular sized cooktop for most households is a 4 zone induction hob.

However, with so many different options available it can seem a little daunting trying to find the right one.

In this post, I’m narrowing down the vast choice and focusing on the best 4-zone induction hobs. Helping find the perfect fit for you and your kitchen.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks table below:

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What To Know When Buying a 4-Zone Induction Hob

There are a couple of important factors to take into consideration when buying an induction hob.

Price and build quality are usually the top priorities and often go hand-in-hand.

However, there are a few things to be aware of and functions to know about:

Power Requirements

As induction hobs are electric, they run on your home’s power supply. Some induction hobs are ‘plug and play‘, meaning they can just be plugged into the wall and don’t require more power.

However, most will have greater power requirements and will need an electrician to hard-wire them in. This is done by running a large cable from the fuse box to an isolating switch, which is in turn connected to the hob.

This extra power means that you can have a larger hob or one with more functions and more power. Just keep in mind you will need an electrician to install this kind of induction hob.


Here are some of the more popular functions and ones that are worth knowing about when looking at which hob to buy:

Flexi-Zone – This allows the hob to combine two or more zones to create a larger cooking zone for bigger pans, baking dishes or griddles.

Boost Mode – A boost mode will increase the power to a particular zone, essentially going to level 11. This speeds up the heating process, making boiling or temperature increases much quicker – perfect if you’ve got some pasta to cook.

Residual heat indicator – Though induction hobs only really work with compatible pans, there is some heat trapped in the glass during and just after cooking. This feature indicates when the hob is holding residual heat, using an ‘H’.

Hood2Hob – Some induction hob models can pair with the same brand cooker hood and talk to one another. When you start cooking, the hood will automatically turn on and will adjust its power setting depending on how many zones are running and at what power level. 

Powerslide – This function creates different power settings across two zones of the hob. A higher (hotter) zone at one end which then gradually turns into a low (cooler) zone at the other, with a medium section in between. Perfect if you need to give something a blast of heat or leave it to simmer without fiddling with the touch controls and settings.

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The Best 4-Zone Induction Hobs

Below are my favourite 4-zone induction hobs.

I have either personally used these hobs (at home or in the showroom during cooking demonstrations) or they get great feedback on them from customers.

AEG IKE64450FB 4-Zone Induction Hob

AEG IKE64450FB 4-Zone Induction Hob
Best Overall

Control Type: Touch
Flexi-zone: Yes, MaxiSense induction with flexible sections
Key Features: Automax function, Stop & Go function, Automatic booster, Programmable timer

Sleek and stylish with its bevelled design, the AEG IKE64450FB is a fantastic all-around choice!

The four flexible MaxiSense sections adapt to your cookware size, ensuring energy is used effectively, only where it’s needed. Whether you’re simmering, boiling, or frying, the Direktouch controls offer precision at your fingertips with 15-stage digital power level displays.

Its touch control system is another customer favourite, with a sliding scale to quickly and easily select the power setting you want rather than having to keep tapping the + or – buttons to move up and down the power settings.

Each zone boasts a generous 2.3kW of power, which can surge to 3.2kW with the automatic booster, perfect for when you need that rapid heat-up.

This hob isn’t just about power; it’s about smart cooking. The Double Bridge function seamlessly merges zones to accommodate larger cookware, making it ideal for family-sized pots and casserole dishes.

The Automax function is particularly impressive, bringing your pots to a boil and then automatically lowering the heat to your preselected level to maintain the perfect simmer.

For those who require pausing their cooking, the Stop & Go function is a lifesaver, providing the flexibility necessary in a busy kitchen environment.

Great features and great looks at a great price!

Check out the latest price at:
Appliance City

NEFF N30 T36CA50X1U 4 Zone Induction Hob

NEFF N30 T36CA50X1U Induction Hob
Best Budget

Flexi-zone: No
Control Type: Touch
Key Features: Plug&Play, PowerBoost

This entry-level 4-zone induction hob from Neff is a fantastic choice if you need something that runs off a standard 13-amp plug. Rather than hiring an electrician to hardwire it in.

Not many bells and whistles with this one, meaning no flexi-zones – just the 4-zones you see marked out.

A sleek-looking frameless design along with simple touch controls, (which can take some people a bit of time to get used to but once mastered are quick and easy to use) make it ideal for modern kitchens.

There’s a boost zone setting (front left zone only) and all the basic safety features you’d expect with an induction hob. Automatic pan recognition, residual heat indicator, control panel lock and automatic safety switch-off.

It is an attractive choice for those seeking a 13 amp induction hob as well as a great price considering the good build quality Neff appliances have.

Check out the latest price at:
Appliance City

Miele KM7201FR Four Zone Induction Hob

Miele KM7201FR Four Zone Induction Hob
Best Build Quality

Flexi-zone: No
Control Type: Touch
Key Features: Plug&Play, PowerBoost

I’m a big fan of Miele and the KM7201FR is no exception, with its sleek black glass surface, framed by stainless steel, adding a touch of sophistication to any contemporary kitchen.

Miele’s commitment to convenience and efficiency shines with the EasySelect operation, making it straightforward to manage your cooking. The TwinBooster feature is particularly noteworthy, significantly shortening heat-up times by concentrating the power of two zones into one when you’re in a hurry.

Safety and functionality go hand in hand with this hob. The Auto Heat-Up ensures a quick start to cooking, and the Keep Warm function allows you to maintain your dishes at the ideal temperature without overcooking. The intelligent Pan Size Recognition technology automatically adjusts the heat to the size of your cookware, enhancing energy efficiency.

The hob’s safety features are comprehensive, including overheating protection, residual heat indicators, a system lock, a safety lock, and an auto safety switch-off, providing peace of mind in a busy kitchen.

With Miele’s rigorous testing ensuring reliability for 20 years’ worth of use, this induction hob doesn’t just meet cooking needs—it excels at them, promising durability and consistent performance meal after meal.

That’s why I love Miele products, they just work and last for ages!

Check out the latest price at:
Appliance City

AEG IPE64551FB Pure Design Induction Hob

AEG IPE64551FB Pure Design Induction Hob
Best Design

Control Type: Electronic Touch Controls
Flexi-Zone: Yes, with DoubleBridge Function
Key Features: Hob2Hood, Programmable Timer, PowerBoost Function, Pure Black Design when off

A minimalist’s dream. The AEG IPE64551FB Pure Design Induction Hob is a testament to the seamless integration of form and function.

When the hob is turned off, it presents a sleek, uninterrupted black glass surface, but once activated, the LED Slider Controls illuminate for intuitive operation. With no white zone markings on show, this pure black design ensures that when not in use, the hob retains a minimalist aesthetic.

The DoubleBridge function elevates the hob’s versatility, enabling the combination of two cooking zones for larger cookware, ensuring even heating for oversized pots and pans.

If you get a compatible AEG cooker hood you can take advantage of their Hob2Hood technology, which syncs the hob with your cooker hood, automatically adjusting the extraction rate to match your cooking activity.

Safety is still a priority with residual heat indicators, a child safety control lock, and an auto safety switch-off feature.

Sleek, secret styling and more functions come at greater expense, however.

Check out the latest price at:
Appliance City

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! The best 4 zone induction hobs.

I tried not to overwhelm you with too many choices, however, all of these are great as are many of these brands’ alternative models. If one of my picks isn’t quite the perfect fit.

I hope this post has helped give you some great options if you are looking at buying a 4-zone induction hob. They are all great products – which one you choose will ultimately be up to your needs and budget.



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