Can You Get An Induction Hob With Knobs? – Options Explored

Induction hobs (cooktops) have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and fast heating capabilities. I know I love them!

However, many clients have expressed a preference for traditional physical controls such as knobs, which can offer a more tactile and intuitive experience.

This often raises the question: can you get an induction hob with knobs?

In this post, I’ll explore the options available for those who prefer the convenience of knobs on their induction hob, including the benefits and drawbacks of this type of control system.

Let’s get into it!

Can You Get An Induction Hob With Knobs?

Yes, you can get an induction hob with knobs!

While touch controls have become increasingly popular in recent years, there are still manufacturers that offer induction hobs with physical knobs for temperature and power adjustment. Albeit a limited choice.

These knobs can provide a tactile and intuitive experience, for some, it makes it easier to adjust the temperature of the hob to the desired level.

However, these hobs will still have some touch controls, such as the power button and certain additional features/functions.

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The different types of induction hobs with physical controls

When it comes to controlling an induction hob with a physical knob or dial there are typically two types available. A basic knob/dial or a magnetic knob (Twist-Pad).

Basic Knobs

If you’ve been used to a gas hob (cooktop) then this is the type of control you’ll be familiar with.

Knobs on an induction hob are physical controls that are used to adjust the temperature or power level of the hob. They are usually circular in shape and can be turned to select a specific setting.

The knobs on an induction hob typically control each cooking zone individually, allowing the user to adjust each zone’s temperature or power level separately. The temperature settings may be indicated on the knob itself or on a nearby display.

The knobs may be made from a variety of materials, including plastic and metal and they may be illuminated to make them easier to see in low-light conditions.

Most times these types of knobs are located on the induction hob itself, however, some manufacturers (such as the Gaggenau I show later on) have models that have separate knobs that can be located on your cabinet front below the hob.

Smeg Victoria SI964NM 60cm Induction Hob with knobs
Smeg Induction hob with knobs

Magnetic Knob (Twist-Pad)

A magnetic knob (TwistPad) is a type of control system found on some induction hobs. It is a removable, magnetic knob that can be rotated to adjust the temperature or power level of the hob.

The knob is placed on a specific area of the hob, usually in the centre, and communicates with the hob through a wireless signal.

To use a magnetic knob, the user simply twists the knob to adjust the temperature or power level of the hob. The knob can be easily removed from the hob for cleaning or when not in use.

Magnetic knob controls offer a number of benefits for users, including precise temperature control, easy cleaning, and intuitive operation.

TwistPad is NEFF’s brand name for a magnetic knob. So you may see this being used when describing certain products. It’s a particular favourite of mine. 😀

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Advantages Of An Induction Hob With Knobs

  • Easier to Control: While some induction hobs come with touch controls, others come with knobs that can make it easier to adjust the heat settings. Knobs provide more tactile feedback than touch controls, allowing for more precise and consistent temperature adjustments.

  • Accessibility: For people who have difficulty with touch controls, knobs can be a more accessible option. Knobs are easier to grip and turn, and they don’t require as much dexterity or hand-eye coordination as touch controls.

  • Safety: Induction hobs are generally safer than gas or electric hobs, as they don’t generate heat directly. However, knobs can add an additional layer of safety by allowing users to quickly and easily turn off the heat in an emergency. This can be especially important for households with children or elderly residents.

  • Familiarity: Some people simply prefer the familiarity of knobs over touch controls. Knobs have been a common feature on hobs for many years, and some users may find them easier to use because they are already accustomed to them.

Disadvantages Of Induction An Hob With Knobs

  • Spoils Sleek Look: While induction hobs with knobs can have an attractive appearance, some users may find that the knobs detract from the sleek and modern look of the hob. Touch controls can offer a more minimalist appearance, and they may be preferred by users who value a streamlined aesthetic.

  • Harder to Clean: Induction hobs with classic knobs can be more difficult to clean than touch control hobs. The knobs can accumulate grease and food residue, which can be hard to remove without proper cleaning tools. However, this isn’t a problem for magnetic knobs as these can simply be lifted off and removed to make wiping down a breeze.

  • More Prone to Damage: Induction hobs with knobs are more prone to damage compared to touch control hobs. The knobs can be accidentally bumped or knocked off, which can cause damage to both the hob and the knobs. Additionally, the knobs themselves can wear out over time, requiring replacement.

Which Brands Have Induction Hobs With Knobs?

There are several brands that offer induction hobs with knobs.

The brands I’m most familiar with and have dealt with as a kitchen designer over the last 10+ years are Neff, Smeg, Samsung and Gaggenau.

All offer these induction hob options at varying sizes and price points.

Induction Hobs With Knobs

I’ve put together a list of the best induction hobs with knobs. A mix of hobs with basic knobs as well as magnetic (Twist-Pad) knobs at different sizes and price points.

So there’s hopefully a hob for everyone and their particular budget.

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Smeg Victoria SI964NM 60cm Induction Hob

Smeg Victoria SI964NM 60cm Induction Hob with knobs

Key Features:

  • 9 Power Levels
  • Quick Start Function
  • Boost Function

The Smeg SI964NM induction hob is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good, basic four-zone induction hob but wants the added usability of knobs to control the power levels and cooking experience.

The all-black, frameless design adds a modern touch to any kitchen decor. It’s equipped with four induction zones, each with its own boost function for when you need that extra surge of power. The 9 power levels cater to a range of cooking needs, from simmering to boiling.

For the safety-conscious, this hob features residual heat indicators, a child safety control lock, and an automatic safety switch-off. Plus, the quick start function ensures that you can get cooking as soon as you’re ready.

Nothing fancy here but sometimes you don’t want fancy, you just want an easy-to-use hob!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City

NEFF N90 T68FUV4L0 FlexInduction Hob

Neff T68FUV4L0 80cm FlexInduction Hob

Key Features:

  • FlexInduction Zones
  • TwistPad® Controls
  • Hob to Hood Control
  • Boost Function
  • ReStart and Keep Warm Functions

The Neff T68FUV4L0 is a sleek induction hob, finished in a frameless bevelled black glass, and boasts a large flex induction zone. The cutting-edge flex induction technology allows you to cook flexibly, with the ability to merge zones to accommodate larger pans or place two smaller pans within the zone.

The hob’s functionality is enhanced by Neff’s TwistPad intuitive hob control (my personal favourite) that allows you to activate your cooking zones with a simple point and twist. Plus, the hob-to-hood control feature offers the convenience of controlling both the hob and hood settings on your integrated appliance.

It also features an LED timer for each zone, a restart function, a keep warm function and a boost function for all zones that gives an intense heat burst when you need it most.

It’s a great induction hob and one I recommend all the time (or the various equivalent models throughout the years).

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City

Samsung NZ64B7799KK 60cm Four Zone Flex Induction Hob

Key Features:

  • Flex Induction Zones
  • Magnetic Knob and Touch Controls
  • LCD Display
  • WiFi Embedded
  • 15 Power Levels
  • Timer and Pause Function

The Samsung NZ64B7799KK marries a sleek modern style with high-end performance. This versatile hob features four heat zones that can be combined into larger flex zones, allowing you to tailor your cooking space according to the size of your pots and pans.

Its all-black ceramic glass surface with bevelled front and sides along with its matt black magnetic knob brings a touch of modern style and elegance to any kitchen.

A mix of a magnetic knob and touch controls make operation a breeze. The LCD display conveniently shows your current settings, while automatic pan detection ensures that each zone only heats when a pan is detected.

Additional safety features such as a child safety lock, residual heat indicator, and automatic safety shut-off bring you peace of mind, especially in households with young children.

To top it all off, this smart hob comes embedded with WiFi, opening up a new world of connected cooking. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City

Gaggenau Flex Induction Cooktop 400 Series

Key Features:

  • Solid Stainless Steel Knob
  • Frameless Design
  • Powerful Flex Induction Cooking Areas
  • Frying Sensor Function
  • Booster Function and Stopwatch
  • Integrated WiFi

If you’re after the crème-de-la-crème of induction hobs with knobs then it doesn’t get much better than the Gaggenau Flex Induction Cooktop 400 Series.

Available in a variety of different sizes and combinations. This cooktop offers compatibility with other Vario appliances of the 400 series, making it perfect for a fully integrated kitchen setup.

This innovative cooktop gives you the freedom to combine cooking areas thanks to its Flex Function, allowing for free positioning of cookware. This means you can use differently-sized pots and pans, maximizing your cooking options.

The user-friendly control system features an electronic power control in 12 stages, complemented by a two-colour display for easy operation. It also includes a frying sensor function, a booster function for fast heating, a stopwatch for precise cooking times, a short-term timer, and an options menu for additional convenience.

The Gaggenau Cooktop comes with beautiful solid stainless steel knobs, available in black as well, along with a frameless design that allows for a flush installation, creating a sleek, uninterrupted surface on your kitchen counter.

Honestly, this thing is not only beautiful but it’s well-built with all the features you could ever want. It just has the price tag to match.

Check out more information at:

Are Induction Hobs With Knobs Any Good?

Whether an induction hob (cooktop) with knobs is the right choice for you will depend on your preferences regarding control type, aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Knobs provide a sense of familiarity and ease of use that many people appreciate, especially those who are transitioning from traditional gas or electric stovetops. They provide a tactile and intuitive way to control heat levels, offering more precise adjustments compared to touch controls.

This appeal, however, may not resonate with everyone.

For those seeking a minimalistic, ultra-modern look, knobs can interrupt the sleek lines and flat surfaces often associated with induction cooktops. Therefore, the aesthetic aspect of knobs can be viewed as a drawback depending on individual tastes.

Classic knobs can also make the cooktop surface more difficult to clean, as spills can accumulate around and under them. Not so much of a problem for magnetic knobs as these can easily be removed for cleaning.

Additionally, there’s a safety consideration, as knobs can be physically turned by children or accidentally bumped, leading to unintended changes in heat.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Induction hobs with knobs are available for your kitchen!

While touch controls have become the norm for many modern induction hobs, there are still options available for those who prefer the feel of physical knobs.

From simple dials to more advanced systems like the TwistPad, there are a variety of control systems that can offer a tactile and intuitive experience.

So, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, there’s an induction hob with knobs out there that’s perfect for you!



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