Corner Cupboard Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

Always high on the priority list of my clients is the want to maximise storage space in their kitchen. Let’s be honest, you can never have too much storage.

In my experience, one of the biggest culprits for wasted or impractical space in a kitchen is corner cupboards. They are often underutilised and not really considered during the design process.

However, fear not! There are some fantastic storage solutions to help you utilise every inch of your corner cupboard. And the best part is most of these can be retro-fitted, so it’s never too late to upgrade your corner cupboard.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the best corner cupboard storage solutions so you can make the most of your kitchen and maximise your storage space!

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Corner Cupboard Types

When designing a kitchen there are two main types of corner cupboards. A blind corner and an L-Shape corner.

The choice between them will not only have an impact on your kitchen layout but will also impact what type of corner cupboard storage solutions are available to you.

Good to know: These storage solutions are designed for standard kitchens (lay-on doors) and may not work (or require different sizes) with in-frame kitchens. Always double-check, or ask your kitchen designer if you’re not sure. That’s what we’re here for!

Blind Corner Cupboard

Blind corner kitchen cupboard with le mans Corner Cupboard Storage Solution
Blind Corner Cupboard with Le Mans Storage Solution

A blind corner cupboard is a straight cabinet that runs into the corner and has one door and a blank section.

Blind corner cupboards (as the name suggests) are the ones you can’t see all the way inside very well. Leaving dark nooks and crannies for forgotten pasta sauces and lost pan lids.

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L-Shape Corner Cupboard

L-Shape corner kitchen cupboard
L-Shape Corner Cupboard with 3/4 Carousel

An L-Shaped corner cupboard will have two doors at right-angle to each other that will either open attached as a bi-fold door or open one door in front of the other.

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The Best Corner Cupboard Storage Solutions

Le Mans Corner Cupboard Storage Solution

The Le Mans corner cupboard storage solution is my personal favourite when it comes to pull-out corner storage mechanisms.

Resembling the shape of the Le Mans racing track, these mechanisms glide all the way out to give you full access to anything stored in the cupboard.

With most models the max weight will range from 15-25kg, so you can fill the shelves up with all your pots and pans or jars and tins without fear of them collapsing.

Just remember, there are different types of Le Mans Corner Systems. You’ll need to know if you require a left or right-hand version as well as the size of your door opening and the size of the corner cupboard itself.

Always double-check these details before you buy!

Check Out Le Mans Corner Storage Solutions at:

Magic Corner Storage Solution

The magic corner storage solution is a clever mechanism that is attached to your cupboard door and pulls out. So you don’t need hinges on the door.

As you pull the door out the mechanism moves the storage baskets from the back of the cupboard along to the opening so you can access them. There are also storage baskets attached to the back of the door itself giving you four shelves in total.

Here’s one in action on my Pinterest.

Check Out Magic Corner Storage Solutions at:

Corner Cupboard Optimiser Pull-Out

The corner cupboard optimiser pull-out is similar to the magic corner except it isn’t attached to the cupboard door.

Instead, you open the door as normal and pull the mechanism out towards you. Once the first set of shelves has been pulled all the way out you can then slide the mechanism over and pull the second set of shelves out as well.

Giving you complete access to everything in the cupboard.

Check Out Corner Cupboard Optimiser Storage Solutions at:

Half Carousel Corner Cupboard Storage Solution

If you’re put off by some of the more complicated mechanisms and are looking for something straightforward, then you can’t beat the half carousel.

It’s easy to install and simple to use.

While it might not pull all the way out like the other mechanisms, it’s still far more useful than a fixed shelf. Helping you to see and access everything in the cupboard.

Check Out Half Carousel Corner Storage Solutions at:

3/4 Carousel Corner Cupboard Storage Solution

The 3/4 carousel is the only corner cupboard storage solution that’s designed for an L-shape corner cupboard.

Sometimes called a ‘Lazy Susan, this carousel spins 360 degrees (once the doors are open) so you can see and access everything.

Nothing groundbreaking or complicated but it’s a classic for a reason.

Check Out 3/4 Carousel Corner Storage Solutions at:

Corner Drawers

Corner drawers in a kitchen

I know, it’s not really a corner storage mechanism but it is another option for your corner cupboard.

Corner drawers are a more bespoke cupboard option and one you likely won’t find in high street kitchen shops as a standard cupboard type.

However, if you’re having a bespoke kitchen or your kitchen supplier offers this cupboard type, it can be a very practical use of the corner space.

Just keep in mind it’s likely going to cost a lot more than a standard corner cupboard.

Should You Have A Corner Cupboard At All?

Maximising every inch of the kitchen is important if storage is at a premium. However, sometimes having a corner cabinet isn’t always the most practical solution – especially if you don’t have (or want) any corner pull-out mechanisms installed.

If, for instance, you find drawers more useful than cupboards but don’t have the option of corner drawers, creating a void (empty space) in the corner and putting a drawer cabinet up to the corner instead can provide a more practical storage option.

You may feel you’re losing space in the corner void, but you gain a more useful cabinet you can use every day.

And, if you have a peninsula layout, you may even be able to add a cupboard into this void that is accessed from the other side of the kitchen. Giving you practical storage in the kitchen, while maximising every inch of space you have. Win, win!

Take time to figure out what is most useful to you and what works best with your kitchen layout.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Some great corner cupboard storage solutions to consider for your kitchen renovation project.

My personal favourite is the Le Mans corner storage solution as it’s a nice clean design that pulls all the way out to give complete access to anything stored inside the corner cabinet.

However, no matter what type of corner cupboard you have there’s a storage solution for you on this list.

Now it’s time to pick your favourite and start maximising that corner storage space!



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