What Is A Bespoke Kitchen? – Everything Explained

You’ll often hear the term bespoke kitchen thrown around when describing a kitchen design, but what exactly does it mean?

In this post, I’ll explain what the term bespoke means, some information about the bespoke kitchen design process as well as explain some other popular kitchen design terms.

Let’s get into it!

what is a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen is a one of a kind and completely unique kitchen that is tailor-made for your space, style and needs. It doesn’t rely on any ‘standard’ or ‘off the shelf’ sized or styled cabinets to make up the kitchen design.

However, some may consider a bespoke kitchen as a kitchen that is ‘made-to-order’ for your particular room or kitchen design. As opposed to a kitchen that’s made up of ready-made cabinets picked off the shelf. Which is more common with some of the bigger high street kitchen showrooms.

While the term bespoke is often associated with these types of kitchens and kitchen manufacturers. A truly bespoke, one-off kitchen is more likely to be created with either an independent cabinet maker/carpenter or a high-end kitchen brand. And will offer the chance to create a completely unique kitchen, with custom finishes, styles and design elements.

what is a bespoke kitchen?

What Is A Made-To-Measure (Semi-Bespoke) Kitchen?

A made-to-measure kitchen (sometimes called a semi-bespoke or made-to-order kitchen) is a kitchen that has some customization capabilities and isn’t an ‘off-the-shelf’ product but is not completely bespoke.

A made-to-measure kitchen can offer a few different levels of custom kitchen design and creativity allowing you to alter certain specifications and aesthetics. Even though it is not ‘truly’ bespoke, it could be the perfect balance of customization and cost when it comes to your kitchen units.

Many made-to-order kitchens allow you to pick from a range of door styles, colours and finishes to make up your own semi-bespoke design. For example, you could pick a shaker door in a green colour, which might not be a ‘standard’ cabinet combination. So in this instance, the cabinet/design combination you want will be manufactured and made to order for your kitchen.

Made-to-measure kitchens may also be able to alter the dimensions of a particular cabinet to suit your room and help create a customized kitchen. However, they may still be restricted by the door style, colours, finishes, handles, storage options, sinks, appliances, worktops, accessories etc… that the kitchen manufacturer offers.

Made-to-measure or made-to-order kitchens will also typically have a longer lead time than their standard cabinet counterparts but are often quicker than truly bespoke kitchens.

A popular way to create a cost-effective semi-custom kitchen is to use IKEA cabinets (without doors) and purchase some custom door fronts elsewhere to then create your own semi-custom kitchen design. Some good companies that make custom door fronts for IKEA cabinets are Custom Fronts, HUSK and Superfront.

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What are the Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen? 

Bespoke kitchen cabinetry can be designed to not only maximise your kitchen space and accommodate any awkward areas by creating perfectly fitting cabinets and storage solutions. It can also be designed to look any way that you want it to.

Whether that is the style of the door fronts and cabinet construction or the colour/finish that you want. You could have your kitchen hand painted in any colour or use a colour from a popular paint brand. You could have any particular wood finish or stain, or even metallic finish. Anything you can dream up!

It could also include any number of specialized storage solutions inside your cabinetry or completely customized setups such as hidden larders/pantries or a desk/work area.

As well as this, it will often mean that you work with an experienced bespoke kitchen designer. Bringing their years of design knowledge to help perfect and create your dream kitchen in a collaborative effort.

  • A completely unique kitchen
  • Exactly what you want (No compromises)
  • Perfect sized cabinets for your space and needs
  • Can mix different appliances, finishes and design elements (No restrictions)
  • High-quality design service

Is a bespoke kitchen more expensive?

Yes. Bespoke kitchens will be more expensive than made-to-measure or ready-made off the shelf kitchens.

Bespoke kitchen cabinets tend to start from around £20,000 and can go as high as £100,000 or more. The exact cost will depend on the particular project details and brand/maker you work with.

By their very nature, bespoke kitchens will be designed and built from scratch by skilled cabinet makers using high-quality materials. Due to this, they should have greater longevity and stand the test of time more than standard high-street kitchen cabinet brands. All of which means they come at a premium price.

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How long does a bespoke kitchen take to make?

The whole process of getting a bespoke kitchen usually takes around 6 months. This will include the design and planning stage, as well as the manufacturing and installation stages.

The exact timeframe will vary depending on how quick the design stage goes (how quick you are at making decisions). The kitchen companies manufacturing timeframe. And how large/complicated the kitchen and installation are.

Most bespoke kitchen companies allow 6 – 15 weeks to manufacture the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen installations typically take 2 – 6 weeks to complete. Depending on the project and what else is involved. (Countertop installation, additional joinery or building work etc…)

Bespoke Kitchen Design

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Is a Bespoke Kitchen Worth It?

As with so many things in life, you get what you pay for, and getting a new kitchen is no exception.

There’s no doubt that a bespoke kitchen can be a good investment. Not just for your property re-sale value but for your quality of day-to-day life. As well as maximising the joy and user experience of your kitchen.

Because of the tailored kitchen layout, design elements, quality craftmanship and fixtures used, it should outlast and outperform compared to any budget alternative.

However, if you don’t have the budget for a bespoke kitchen but still want to get the most out of your kitchen space. Going for a kitchen brand that utilises standard size cabinets or has the capability to make made-to-measure adjustments as part of their range can be a great way to reduce the overall expense. 

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Everything you need to know about bespoke kitchens.

A unique, tailor-made kitchen that perfectly fits your room, style and needs. A bespoke kitchen can be the dream for many. However, that dream comes with a price tag and bespoke kitchens can not only cost much more but can also take a lot more time to design, manufacture and install.

So, what type of kitchen will you go for in your next renovation project?



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