The Best Downdraft Extractors – Sleek and Secret Ventilation

An elegant hob demands an equally elegant way of removing unwanted cooking odours and steam. So, it’s no wonder that sleek and unobtrusive downdraft extractors are gaining in popularity.

Unlike conventional extractor hoods that sit at head height, a downdraft extractor integrates neatly into the countertop for a flush fit. Touch controls allow downdraft extractors to rise to the occasion when it’s time to cook and stay unseen when not in use. Making them a fantastic option for kitchen islands.

You’ll also find downdraft extractors impressively quiet during use, especially when compared to conventional extractor hoods. In essence, a clean design, quiet operation and strong odour-extracting capabilities make these the perfect choice for the modern kitchen.

Below are my top picks for the best downdraft extractors, including the key features that make them stand out among their peers.

Let’s go!

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COOKOLOGY 90cm Downdraft Cooker Hood


Dimensions: (H)51.0 x (W)83.5 x (D)36.0
Max Extraction Rate: 647 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 67dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: A
Key Features: Boost mode, Included charcoal filter

Dimensions: (H)71.8 x (W)88.0 x (D)11.5
Max Extraction Rate: 700 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 67 dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: D
Key Features: Touch slider controls, 4 extraction speeds

Dimensions: (H)73.5 x (W)91.8 x (D)26.8
Max Extraction Rate: 530.0 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 62 dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: A
Key Features: Boost mode, Efficient LED lighting

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– The Best Downdraft Extractors –

Elica PANDORA Downdraft Extractor

Elica PANDORA-SS Best downdraft extractor
Best ‘Overall’
(Black Model)

Dimensions: (H)51.0 x (W)83.5 x (D)36.0
Max Extraction Rate: 647 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 67dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: A
Key Features: Boost mode, Included charcoal filter

This sleek and modern downdraft extractor from Elica is a fantastic piece of kit. Great for use with a large hob or range cooker, this model gives you an impressive 647 cubic metres of odour-clearing power.

The handy boost mode makes short work of unwanted steam and smells. And the washable grease filters are a welcome bonus, especially since it’s dishwasher safe for maximum convenience.

The PANDORA model also comes in your choice of black or stainless steel finish, so you can easily match your downdraft extractor with your kitchen décor. They’ve even included a charcoal filter, so you’re all ready to go if you choose to use the recirculating option.

That’s why the Elica Pandora gets my best overall pick!

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AO (Stainless Steel)
AO (Black)
Appliance City (Stainless Steel)
Appliance City (Black)

Cookology 90cm Downdraft Cooker Hood

Cookology 90cm Cooker Hood
Best ‘Budget’

Dimensions: (H)71.8 x (W)88.0 x (D)11.5
Max Extraction Rate: 700 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 67 dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: D
Key Features: Touch slider controls, 4 extraction speeds

It’s hard to pass up this budget-minded option from Cookology, especially when it offers great features like 4-speed fan operation, intuitive touch controls and an automatic shut-off timer.

The washable aluminium grease filter makes after-dinner cleanup much easier, plus it’ll last longer under heavy use.

Available in stainless steel, black and white. The only downside is that this model isn’t compatible with gas hobs, making electric hobs your only option when it comes to installation.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend this model for anyone in search of an effective, yet inexpensive downdraft extractor. That’s why it gets my best budget pick!

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NEFF N90 D95DAP8N0B Downdraft Extractor

Best ‘Premium’

Dimensions: (H)73.5 x (W)91.8 x (D)26.8
Max Extraction Rate: 530.0 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 62 dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: A
Key Features: Boost mode, Efficient LED lighting

Known for their great build quality, this NEFF is an incredible premium pick that gives you everything you could ask for in a downdraft extractor.

Its A-rated energy label means it won’t cost the earth to run. Nor will it drown out conversation with one of the quietest noise levels on my list.

This model’s generous width makes it perfect for use with large hobs, plus the 530 cubic metres per hour extraction rate makes it efficient at clearing medium-sized kitchens. For especially fragrant dishes, the included boost mode adds an extra burst of aroma-clearing power.

With its sleek design and efficient LED lighting, you’ll love cooking with this NEFF downdraft extractor.

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Bosch Serie 8 DDD97BM60B Downdraft Extractor

Best Mid-range Downdraft extractor
Best ‘Mid-Range’

Dimensions: (H)73.8 x (W)91.6 x (D)26.8
Max Extraction Rate: 530.0 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 62 dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: A
Key Features: Two intensive settings, Grease and charcoal filter saturation indicators, Electronic touch control

This model from Bosch shares many of the same excellent traits as the aforementioned Neff but at a more approachable price point.

For the money, you’ll get an elegant design with a completely flush fit and finish and powerful air extraction capabilities, plus two intensive settings to accompany its 3 normal speed settings. The handy grease and charcoal filter saturation indicators also make it easier to keep tabs on cleaning.

Overall, it’s a great choice for the mid-range segment.

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Appliance City

Smeg KDD60VXE-2 Downdraft Extractor

Smeg KDD60VXE-2
Best 4-Zone

Dimensions: (H)105.0 x (W)53.7 x (D)12.0
Max Extraction Rate: 570 m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 57dB
Lighting: LED
Energy Rating: B
Key Features: Quiet operation, 4 speeds, Automatic shut-off

This fantastic option from Smeg shows that you don’t have to have a large hob to benefit from a quality downdraft extractor. Its small size makes it the ideal choice for smaller 4-zone hobs, plus the elegant black and stainless-steel design fits well with a wide range of kitchen décors.

Lingering scents are no match for the Smeg’s 4-speed fan and its ability to move up to 570 cubic metres of air per hour. What’s even more amazing about this model is its whisper-quiet operation. With only 57 dB of noise, there’s a chance you won’t even know it’s running.

Check out the latest price on:
Appliance City

Caple DD522BK Domino Downdraft Extractor

Caple DD522BK Best Domino Downdraft extractor
Best ‘Domino Downdraft Extractor’

Dimensions: (H)43.0 x (W)52.0 x (D)13.0
Max Extraction Rate: 1570m³/hour
Max Noise Level: 66dB – 70dB (depending on motor)
Lighting: N/A
Energy Rating: B-C
Key Features: Illuminated touch controls, Auto timer, 4 speeds

Caple’s modular downdraft extractor is designed to be used alongside domino hobs. Compatible with both gas and induction, this domino downdraft extractor means you can mix and match to create your dream hob setup.

The stainless steel and black glass design is a sure-fire head-turner, plus its unique extraction design gives it exceptionally quiet operation. Illuminated touch controls give you greater ease of use, especially for those times when your kitchen could use a bit more light.

The only catch? It’s the only downdraft extractor on this list where the motor is sold separately. That means you’ll need to choose one among 4 available motors to match your desired setup. The most powerful of the quartet, however, features an outstanding 1570m³/hour maximum extraction rate.

Let’s just say you won’t have any trouble tackling lingering odours.  

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What To Consider When Buying A Downdraft Extractor

There are a couple of main factors I think are important to consider when looking at and comparing downdraft extractors (aside from the price).

Some may be more (or less) important to you and your particular needs, but just checking and considering these factors will help you choose the best downdraft extractor for your kitchen.

Ducting Kits, Filters and Motors

The big question here is do you need them? And if so, are they included or are they a separate purchase?

If you want your downdraft extractor to vent to the outside you may need to purchase a separate ducting kit. If you want your appliance to be recirculating, then you might need to buy some charcoal filter.

There’s even one downdraft extractor on my list that doesn’t come with a motor. It’s a separate item you have to purchase, as there are multiple options, depending on your needs.

Always check and make sure you have everything you need for the particular model of downdraft extractor you want.


This will be measured in decibels (dB) and will usually tell you the noise level on the maximum setting. The type, make and model of the cooker hood will all impact the noise level, so check and make sure it’s not super noisy.

Extraction Rate

This will be measured in metres cubed per hour (m3h) and again this will normally be the amount when it’s on its maximum setting. Depending on your cooking style and the size of the room, you may want to check and make sure your cooker hood has a high extraction rate.

Vented or Recirculating

Cooker hoods can extract in two ways: vented or recirculating. Often, they can be either/or, depending on what you need. Decide which method you are going to have and then make sure to check that the cooker hood provides the option you need for your kitchen.


This may well be the only reason you want a cooker hood – having dedicated lighting above your hob is really useful. Just check you’ve got them and what type of lights they are. These days, the most practical option is LED lights, as they have a low running cost and can last a very long time.

Energy Rating

While I admit it’s probably not your top priority, it’s still something to consider and keep in the back of your mind when looking at different cooker hoods, especially if it’s an appliance you are going to use regularly.

Check the A rating or look at the estimated annual running costs to compare. Newer technology and having LED lights will help keep energy costs down.

NEFF Downdraft Extractor

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! The best downdraft extractors for sleek and secret kitchen ventilation.

The Elica PANDORA is my best overall pick because it perfectly blends great design, strong performance and a reasonable price.

If you’re on a budget then the Cookology downdraft extractor is a fantastic choice. Just remember you can’t use it with gas hobs.

And if money is no object then the NEFF N90 D95DAP8N0B is a stylish, powerful and reliable appliance. You won’t be disappointed!

Whatever your needs and budget there’s the perfect downdraft extractor on this list!



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