Best Food Waste Disposal Units – Quick Kitchen Clean-Up

Quietly humming away under your sink, food waste disposal units can handle your leftover food scraps, simplifying your kitchen clean-up and potentially reducing your household’s contribution to landfill waste.

In fact, one study found that 70% agreed waste disposal units are an easy way to clean up after cooking.

However, with the wide range of models available on the market, choosing the right food waste disposal unit can feel like a daunting task.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favourite food waste disposal units as well as giving some advice on what to look out for if you’re considering getting one.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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InSinkErator 100S
InSinkErator 46AS
InSinkErator 200S

InSinkErator 100S

InSinkErator 46AS

InSinkErator 200S

What To Consider When Buying A Waste Disposal Unit

If you’re considering purchasing a garbage disposal unit, here are several factors you might want to take into account:

  1. Type of Disposer: There are two types of garbage disposals – continuous feed and batch feed.

    Continuous feed models are the most common and operate when a switch is flipped and allow for continuous waste addition as the unit runs.

    Batch feed models only operate when a special cover is in place, adding a safety measure but requiring waste to be added in batches.

    Personally, I prefer continuous models, I think they are easier and more convenient to use. So my top picks below are all continuous models. However, it’s definitely worth knowing there are different types available. 👍

  2. Power and Motor Size: Disposers typically come in four sizes, approximately: 0.33 horsepower, 0.5 horsepower, 0.75 horsepower and 1 horsepower.

    If you plan to use your disposal frequently or for harder types of food waste, you might need a model with more power. A 0.33 or 0.5 horsepower model may be suitable for a smaller household or less frequent use.

  3. Grind Chamber Capacity: This refers to the volume inside the unit where food waste is ground before it’s sent down the drain. The size of this chamber can vary from model to model. A larger grind chamber capacity means the disposal can handle a greater volume of waste at once.

    This can be especially beneficial for larger households or for those who cook frequently and produce a lot of food waste. However, a larger grind chamber also typically means a larger overall unit size, so you’ll need to ensure you have enough space under your sink to accommodate it.

  4. Material: Disposals with stainless steel blades tend to be more durable and less prone to dulling or rusting. The grinding chamber, where the waste is processed, should also be made from a corrosion-resistant material.

  5. Noise Level: Some units have insulation to reduce noise levels while in operation. If you’re sensitive to noise, you might want to consider a disposal with sound-sealing technology.

  6. Septic Safe: If your home uses a septic system, it’s important to ensure that the model you choose is septic safe. Some units are specifically designed for use with septic systems and may include features to help break down the food waste more thoroughly.

    If in doubt, ask the manufacturer if it’s particularly designed for use with a septic system.

  7. Size: Consider the physical size of the unit to ensure it will fit under your sink. If you have a dishwasher, you’ll also need a disposal unit with a dishwasher inlet.

  8. Warranty: Check the length and coverage of the warranty. Some models come with warranties that last for several years or even a lifetime.

  9. Cost: An obvious one here but cost is always a consideration. Think about what features you would like and what you are willing to spend to try and get the best for your buck!

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The Best Food Waste Disposal Units

Here’s my pick of the best food waste disposal units. I’ve chosen the 5 favourites I’ve recommended, sold and had great feedback from over the years of being in the kitchen design industry.

As you’ll see, I highly rate InSinkErator when it comes to kitchen waste disposal units! 😀

InSinkErator Model 46AS (Air Switch)

InSinkErator 46AS waste disposal unit
Best Budget

Disposer Model: Model 46AS continuous feed
Motor Strength: 0.55 horsepower
Chamber Size: 980 ml
Sound Control: Basic noise reduction
Size Details: 319 mm height
Guarantee: Two-year warranty covering parts and labour

The Model 46AS is the most budget-friendly option on my list and one of the disposers I have sold the most over the years (along with its bigger brother the 100S).

It operates as a continuous feed waste disposal unit, which allows for ongoing grinding of waste as soon as you turn the unit on. It comes equipped with a solid 0.55 horsepower motor that’s more than sufficient to manage the food waste needs of smaller households.

Its compact dimensions, standing at only 319mm in height, allow it to fit conveniently under most sinks. However, despite its compact form, the Model 46AS boasts a sizable grind chamber capacity of 980ml, accommodating a significant volume of food waste before the unit needs activation.

The unit I like to recommend also includes a built-in air switch. (You can also buy it without the air switch). This feature provides a convenient and safe method to turn the disposal on and off without reaching under the sink.

As an added benefit, the Model 46AS is backed by a two-year warranty covering parts and labour, demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in the unit’s quality and durability.

At approx. £160, the Model 46AS food waste disposal unit offers impressive value given its features, making it an excellent choice for those looking to manage waste disposal more effectively in smaller households.


  • Most affordable model, offering good value for smaller households or limited spaces.
  • Compact design, ideal for smaller households or limited spaces.
  • Includes air switch for added safety and convenience.


  • 1-stage grind technology is less thorough than the multi-stage systems in other models.
  • Only has a 2-year warranty, which is shorter compared to other models.
  • With a 0.55hp motor, it might not be as powerful as other models for heavy-duty use.

Check price and availability at:
Amazon UK

InSinkErator Model 66

InSinkErator 66 waste disposal unit

Disposer Model: Model 66 continuous feed
Motor Strength: 0.75 horsepower
Chamber Size: 980 ml
Sound Control: 20% quieter with “Quiet Plus” technology
Size Details: 318mm height, 184mm width
Guarantee: Four-year warranty on parts and labour

Moving up the scale slightly we have the InSinkErator Model 66. This model waste garbage disposal unit is particularly well-suited for medium to large households or those with a fair amount of food waste.

With its high torque Dura-Drive 0.75hp induction motor and spacious 980 ml capacity grinding chamber, the Model 66 can handle all types of food waste, from small bones to fruit and vegetable scraps.

Plus, despite its strength, this model operates 20% quieter than the model 46, ensuring it won’t disrupt your household’s peace. Its compact design means it’ll fit neatly under your kitchen sink, even when you’re short on space.

Installation of the Model 66 is quick and easy, thanks to the Quick Lock assembly. Whether you’re fitting it into your existing kitchen or a new sink space, all you need is a power source and suitable plumbing.

Backed by a four-year manufacturer’s guarantee, the Model 66 is a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly addition to any kitchen.

As the top model in the InSinkErator ‘standard’ range, it offers high-performance continuous feed operation, handling large amounts of food waste with ease.


  • 2-stage grind system provides more thorough grinding.
  • Comes with a built-in air switch for safety and convenience.
  • Has a more powerful motor (0.75 hp) compared to Model 46AS.


  • With a 0.75hp motor, it is less powerful than some models in the Evolution series.
  • The 4-year warranty is shorter than that of some other models.
  • May be larger or bulkier compared to the compact Model 46AS.

Check price and availability at:
Amazon UK
Appliance City

Franke Turbo Elite TE-75 Waste Disposal Unit

Franke Turbo Elite TE-75 Waste Disposal Unit

Feed Type: Continuous feed
Motor Speed: 2700 RPM
Horse Power: 0.75HP
Antibacterial Protection: Included for odour control
Installation Requirements: Extended flange for ceramic sinks
Dimensions: 371mm height, 200mm width
Warranty: 10-year manufacturer guarantee

Best known for their taps and sinks, Franke has become a household name in the world of kitchen design and a brand I have sold and recommended my whole career. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many Franke taps I’ve sold over the years!

The Turbo Elite TE-75 is a great introduction to Franke’s line-up of waste disposal units. It’s easy to install and compact in size, designed to sit conveniently under your sink and also offers a hygienic solution to your kitchen waste, featuring antibacterial protection for odour control.

The unit’s innovative high-speed motor efficiently grinds up food particles and flushes them away, thanks to a powerful permanent magnet motor. This achieves high speed instantly, producing more torque per kilo than other similar models.

Operating the TE-75 is straightforward – it’s a continuous feed type, meaning you can add waste while the unit runs. Food waste is instantly liquefied into fine particles that are easily flushed through the existing pipework system.

For those with ceramic sinks, an extended flange will be required for installation. The Turbo Elite TE-75 comes with a generous 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind for your purchase.


  • High-speed permanent magnet motor provides efficient grinding.
  • Antibacterial protection for odour control.
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee, which is the longest among the compared models.


  • Most expensive model, yet has restrictions on the types of food waste it can handle.
  • An extended flange is required for ceramic sinks.
  • Despite having a high-speed motor, it’s still at 0.75hp like some of the InSinkErator models.

Check price and availability at:
Amazon UK
Appliance City

InSinkErator Evolution 100 S 

InSinkErator 100 S waste disposal unit

Type of Disposer: Evolution 100 S continuous feed
Power: 0.75 horsepower
Grind Chamber Capacity: 1005 ml
Noise Reduction: 40% quieter with “Evolution-Quiet” technology
Dimensions: 312mm height, 222mm width
Warranty: Four-year parts and labour

Jumping up the InSinkErator range to their ‘Evolution’ line-up, the InSinkErator Evolution 100 S is a premium kitchen waste disposal unit that combines innovation, convenience, and power.

Ideal for larger families, cooking enthusiasts, or amateur chefs, the Evolution 100 S makes easy work of clearing up after meals and grinding various food waste into fine particles. This includes chicken and fish bones, fruit, vegetables, and food peels, ensuring a fresh and odour-free kitchen environment.

With an overload protection feature and auto-reverse function, the Evolution 100 S prevents blockages and overfilling. The stainless steel sink stopper conceals the disposal unit when not in use and doubles as a standard sink plug. The chrome air switch, which provides air pressure to activate the disposer, is another convenient feature of this model. Honestly, the little air switches are great!

With the InSinkErator Evolution 100 S, you can expect less frequent trips to the bin and a more hygienic kitchen environment. This unit is backed by a standard 4-year warranty, making it a trustworthy and reliable choice.


  • 2-stage grind technology ensures a finer grind.
  • Quieter operation thanks to SoundSeal technology.
  • Auto-reverse action for extended product life and trouble-free operation.


  • The grind chamber capacity (1005 ml) is smaller than that of the Evolution 200 S.
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty, which is shorter compared to the Franke model.
  • It’s 0.75hp is the same as Model 66 and the Franke model but less powerful than the Evolution 200 S.

Check price and availability at:
Amazon UK
Appliance City

InSinkErator Evolution 200 S

InSinkErator 200 S Food waste disposal unit

Type of Feed: Evolution 200 S continuous feed
Power: 0.75 horsepower
Grind Chamber Capacity: 1180 ml
Noise Reduction: 60% quieter with Evolution-Quiet technology
Dimensions: 344mm height, 234mm width
Warranty: 5-year parts and labour

Climbing up one step further and almost at the top of the range is the InSinkErator Evolution 200 S. The premium and quietest unit in InSinkErator’s range.

Ideal for large busy households or even professional settings, the Evolution 200 S addresses all your kitchen disposal needs and promises an end to the frustrating and time-consuming process of dealing with waste food and leftovers.

Equipped with a high-torque Dura-Drive induction motor and a large 1180 ml waste chamber, this model will quickly and efficiently grind your food waste into tiny particles, which are easily flushed away down your kitchen drain.

The Evolution 200 S also showcases a three-stage grind technology along with an auto-reverse feature, enabling it to tackle the toughest of food scraps and peels. Whether it’s chicken bones, fish bones, corn on the cob, nut shells, fruit pits, or even avocado skin and banana peel, this waste disposal unit can handle it all.

Despite its power, the Evolution 200 S operates 60% quieter than standard models, allowing you to maintain a peaceful kitchen environment. The sleek, compact design fits unobtrusively under most kitchen sinks, with easy installation thanks to our Quick-Lock mounting system. All you need is a power source and standard plumbing.

With overload protection, you can rest assured that you won’t accidentally overfill your disposer, and the convenient air switch, finished in premium chrome, can be placed on your worktop or inside a kitchen cupboard as per your preference and activates the disposer using air pressure.

Backed by a 5-year warranty, the InSinkErator Evolution 200 S is a reliable and efficient choice for managing kitchen waste, promising an end to smelly bins and messy food scraps.


  • 3-stage grind technology. The most thorough among the compared models.
  • Large grind chamber capacity (1180 ml) for more waste.
  • Quieter than standard models and comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • The size might be too large to fit under some sinks.
  • More expensive due to its premium features. The most expensive model in the InSinkErator range.
  • Despite the 3-stage grind technology, some waste types may still not be suitable.

Check price and availability at:
Amazon UK
Appliance City

Best Waste Disposal Units Comparison Table

ProductApprox Price Range (£)Power (hp)Grind Chamber Capacity (ml)Size (Height x Diameter, mm)Warranty (Years)
InSinkErator Model 46AS£160 – 2000.55980318 x 1852
InSinkErator Model 66£250 – 3000.75980318 x 1854
Franke Turbo Elite TE-75£400 – 4500.75Not specified371 x 20010
InSinkErator Evolution 100 S£375 – 4500.751005312 x 2224
InSinkErator Evolution 200 S£420 – 5500.751180344 x 2345

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Can You Fit A Waste Disposal Unit To Any Sink?

Yes, sort of. Most modern sinks can be fitted with a waste disposal unit, but there are some factors to consider.

The sink needs to have a standard drain hole to accommodate the installation of a disposal unit. This is so the flange size of the waste unit matches your sink drain hole.

You’ll also need to consider the compatibility with your home’s plumbing and sewer system. Your plumbing and sewer systems need to be capable of handling the additional output that a waste disposal unit introduces.

For homes that have septic systems, it’s worth noting that you may need a disposal unit specifically designed for such systems.

There also needs to be sufficient room to house the disposal unit. This includes space not only for the unit itself but potentially also for any necessary plumbing alterations.

Also, consider its weight. If the sink is made from particularly heavy materials, such as cast iron, additional support may be required due to the additional weight of a disposal unit.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! My personal picks for the best waste disposal units for your kitchen.

I’ve included a range of options at varying prices, power, capacity and features so there’s hopefully, something here for everyone!

And don’t forget, if you want to learn a bit more about waste disposal units you should definitely have a read of my post Should You Buy A Food Waste Disposal Unit? – Pros And Cons 👍



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