Best Under Counter Freezer – Top Picks 2023

A trend I’m seeing more and more as a kitchen designer is a want for additional freezer space on top of having a larger fridge freezer in the kitchen.

Especially for busy households, I find myself designing an under-counter freezer for extra freezer storage either in the kitchen or in a utility room close by.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favourite under-counter freezers, both freestanding and integrated as well as explaining the features to look out for if you looking to buy one.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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Beko UFF584APW


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Considerations When Buying An Under Counter Freezer:


Capacity is how much the freezer can actually hold and is measured in litres to give you an idea of scale and help to compare each model. Just because a freezer looks big from the outside, doesn’t mean that it has the most amount of storage inside.

Some models have thick doors or bulky sections that eat into the actual storage space. Check the capacity every time for a more accurate representation of storage, especially if you’re a big household and need all the space you can get.

Top Tip: As a general guide, one full bag of food shopping is equal to around 18L in capacity space.


Not to be confused with capacity, the physical size of the appliance is a vital consideration to make sure it will fit in your kitchen design.

Check the width, height, and depth to make sure it fits in between and underneath your cabinets. This is more important for freestanding freezers as integrated freezers should be a set standard size.

Still, it’s always best to check!


These are some of the extra things that help separate the appliances from one another and can be things like the airflow system or warning lights.

However, in my opinion, the two most important features to have are a frost-free freezer section and a good energy rating.

You don’t want to manually defrost your freezer, that’s never fun and is such a waste of time. Likewise, you don’t want to be spending loads of money on electricity just keeping the appliance turned on.

It has to be on 24/7 pretty much, so make sure it’s not going to eat up your electricity and give you a nasty bill each month.


Often overlooked, noise should be a top consideration, especially if the appliance is going to be in a social kitchen space or open-plan kitchen/living area.

The noise of an appliance is measured in decibels (dB) with the lower the number, the quieter the appliance.

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The Best Under Counter Freezers

I’ve picked out a selection of freestanding and integrated under counter freezers that I’ve personally used in showrooms, sold to clients or that get great feedback from them.

So you’re sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen and needs.

Starting with the freestanding models.

Beko UFF584APW Frost Free Freestanding Under Counter Freezer

Beko UFF584APW Frost Free Under Counter Freezer

Dimensions: H84 x W54.5 x D59.5 (cm)
Capacity: 75L
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 43dB
Key Features: Frost Free and fast freeze technologies, ice cube tray

This smart, stocky Beko freezer circulates the cold air inside with its fast freeze function. This function drops the temperature temporarily and rapidly when adding frozen food from the shops, helping to quickly refreeze any food that is partially thawed on the trip home.

Frost-free technology prevents ice from ever building up or the need to manually defrost the freezer. Which, let’s face it, nobody wants to do.

It works to room temperatures as low as -15°C and as high as 43°C, so using it in the garage is no problem if you just want some extra freezer storage.

Frost Free, a good energy rating (A+ in the old system) and well made all at a very competitive price mean that the BEKO gets my best overall pick for a freestanding under-counter freezer. You really can’t go wrong!

Check the latest prices:

Fridgemaster MUZ5582M Freestanding Under Counter Freezer

Fridgemaster MUZ5582M Under Counter Freezer

Dimensions: H84.5 x W55.5 x D57.5 (cm)
Capacity: 82L
Auto Defrost: No
Energy Rating: E (New Rating)
Noise: 40dB
Key Features: Reversible door, temperature controls

If you’re on a tighter budget then this Fridgemaster is a fantastic cost-friendly choice. The downside, it’s not frost-free, so you’ll need to manually defrost from time to time.

However, you get a great capacity for its size and a good energy rating (old A+) so it won’t cost the earth to keep it running. As well as this it’s super quiet at only 40dB so you won’t even notice it’s on. Great for open-plan kitchens

But the best part is its price. It’s a bargain for a decent quality, roomy freezer. That’s why it gets my best budget pick!

Check the latest prices:

Liebherr GN1066 Freestanding Frost Free Under Counter Freezer

Liebherr GN1066 Frost Free Under-Counter Freezer

Dimensions: H85 x W60 x D62.8 (cm)
Capacity: 91L
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 42dB
Key Features: LCD display, fast freeze technology, open door alert, temperature warning light

Looking for a premium quality under-counter freezer? Then this Liebherr model is the one for you.

Although a little more expensive, this top-quality Liebherr freezer has Frost Free and fast freeze technology, along with a lighted interior to make using it a breeze.

Temperature controls with an LCD display, an open door alert, and a temperature warning light make this model easy to use and give peace of mind everything is working well.

This freezer is slightly larger than the others on my list (so double-check your measurements) but this means you get even more storage capacity at 91L.

Fantastic build quality, Frost Free, large capacity and some great extra features mean the Liebherr gets my best premium pick.

Check the latest prices:

Appliance City

AEG ABE682F1NF Integrated Frost Free Under Counter Freezer

AEG ABE682F1NF Integrated Frost Free Under Counter Freezer

Dimensions: H81.5 x W59.6 x D55 (cm)
Capacity: 85L
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 43dB
Key Features: Frost-free and fast freeze technology, interior and temperature warning lights

I’m a fan of AEG products. I’ve been selling and recommending them to my clients for years and this integrated under-counter freezer is no exception.

It comes with Frost Free technology, so no manual defrost is needed, thank you very much! As well as fast freeze technology, which brings the temperature down rapidly when adding food from the market so it keeps its contents frozen and quickly refreezes any thawing that occurred during the trip home.

Temperature controls, an interior light, and a temperature warning light are all added features that help make this under-counter integrated freezer a great choice.

For me, it’s AEG’s great build quality and the Frost Free technology all at a strong price point that makes this model my best overall pick for an integrated under-counter freezer.

Check the latest prices:
Appliance City

Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M Integrated Under Counter Freezer

Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M Integrated Under Counter Freezer

Dimensions: H82 x W59 x D54.3 (cm)
Capacity: 97L
Auto Defrost: No
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 39dB
Key Features: Reversible door, temperature controls

Again, if you’re on a budget then this integrated Fridgemaster freezer is a great choice!

As with its freestanding counterpart, there’s no Frost Free technology so you will have to manually defrost it.

However, this model has a huge capacity at 97L, (that’s the equivalent of 5 bags of food shopping!) a good energy rating (Old A+) and is the second quietest running freezer on the list.

Okay, it’s no Frost Free but with all the other benefits and the very competitive price, it’s hard to beat. This is why the Fridgemaster gets my best budget pick!

Check the latest prices:

Liebherr SUIGN1554 Integrated Frost Free Under Counter Freezer

Liebherr SUIGN1554 Integrated Frost Free Under-Counter Freezer

Dimensions: H82 x W60 x D55 (cm)
Capacity: 80L
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: E (New Rating)
Noise: 35dB
Key Features: Frost-free, LED display, temperature warning light

This Liebherr model offers some fantastic features and strong reliable build quality. You guessed it, it’s the most expensive one on my list.

It comes with great Frost Free technology and has an LED display to see and set its temperature.

The Liebherr also has a soft-close door as well as an open door alert and a temperature warning light, both to keep frozen food frozen and safe. And to tell you off if you leave the freezer door open accidentally.

This model also comes with VarioSpace. There are glass shelves underneath each freezer drawer which can be conveniently removed resulting in extra storage space that can be created quickly for larger frozen food items.

It’s the nice features, strong build quality and overall reliability you can expect from Liebherr products that make this model my best premium pick!

Check the latest prices:
Appliance City


Are Under Counter Freezers A Standard Size?

Sort of. 😊

  • Freestanding under-counter freezers are typically 82-86cm high x 50-60cm wide x 50 – 63cm deep. They’re roughly the same size but do vary slightly between manufacturers and models.
  • Integrated under-counter freezers are typically 60cm wide x 82cm high x 55cm deep.

Integrated models will always be the same width as they are designed to be installed with a standard 60cm wide cabinet door to their front. It is the height and depth that can vary.

Always double-check the measurements before buying!

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! The best under counter Freezers. Perfect for small kitchens or extra freezer space in your utility room.

The Beko UFF584APW gets my best freestanding overall pick and the AEG ABE682F1NF get my best integrated overall pick.

Both have good capacities, strong build quality and some nice features all at a competitive price point.

Whatever your needs and budget there is the perfect under-counter freezer on this list!



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