Best Under-Counter Fridges – Top Picks 2023

Under-counter fridges are perfect for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium, designs that want to keep everything low-level and open or simply households that don’t need a large amount of fridge space.

As well, something I’m getting asked for more and more as a kitchen designer is a want for additional fridge space on top of having a larger fridge freezer in the kitchen.

Especially for larger households, I find myself designing an under-counter fridge for extra fridge storage either in the kitchen or in a utility room close by.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favourite under-counter fridges, both freestanding and integrated as well as explaining what to consider when buying one.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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Liebherr T1710

Bosch Series 6 KUL15AFF0G

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What To Consider When Buying An Under Counter Fridge

Aside from the obvious, price. Here are some things to keep in mind and compare when you’re choosing between makes and models of under-counter fridges.

  • Capacity: Measured in litres, capacity indicates the internal storage space, which isn’t always proportional to the external size due to design elements like thick doors. Large households should prioritize higher capacity.

    Top Tip: A bag of groceries approximates to 18L of fridge space.

  • Size: Ensure the fridge’s dimensions (width, height, depth) fit your kitchen layout. This is crucial for freestanding units, less so for integrated ones which typically conform to standard sizes.

    Always double-check those dimensions!

  • Features: Look for useful features such as efficient airflow systems, freezer compartments or particular temperature ranges. Prioritize a high energy rating to minimize electricity usage and costs, as fridges run continuously.

  • Noise: Check the decibel level, especially for fridges in social or open-plan areas, to ensure a quieter environment. Lower decibels mean less noise.

  • Type: Do you want an integrated or freestanding model? Not only will this affect the look of your kitchen but freestanding models tend to have a little bit more capacity.

  • Finish: If you go for a freestanding model the external finish of your under-counter fridge can significantly influence the aesthetic of your kitchen. Stainless steel models offer a modern, sleek look whereas classic white blends in well with a more traditional kitchen.

The Best Under-Counter Fridges

I’ve picked out a selection of freestanding and integrated undercounter fridges that I’ve personally used in showrooms, sold to clients or that get great feedback from them.

So you’re sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen and needs.

Liebherr T1710 Freestanding UnderCounter Fridge

Liebherr T1710 Freestanding Under-Counter Fridge
Best Overall – Freestanding

Dimensions: 85cm High x 55.2cm Wide x 62.3cm Deep
Capacity: 149 litres
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 38dB
Key Features: Large capacity / Reversible door / Efficient use of space

The Liebherr T1710 is a great all-around under-counter fridge. Strong build quality, good storage capacity, and some helpful features.

It comes with a crisper drawer, multiple adjustable shelves, and shelves on the door, giving you plenty of storage space. A sizable 149L in fact, or about 8 bags of food shopping.

With an intelligent auto-defrost that works to keep ice from forming on the walls, you’ll never have to worry about performing any manual defrosting again

A reversible door and quiet operation make it perfect for any room or position in the house.

It’s the reliable build quality, energy efficiency, quiet running and very competitive price point that make the Liebherr my best overall pick for a freestanding under counter fridge.

Check the latest prices:

Beko UL584APW Freestanding Under-Counter Fridge

Beko UL584APW Freestanding Under Counter Fridge
Best Budget – Freestanding

Dimensions: 84cm High x 54.5cm Wide x 59.5cm Deep
Capacity: 130 litres
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 42dB
Key Features: Crisper drawer / Reversible door / Anti-bacterial protection

If you are on a tighter budget or looking to save a bit of money then the Beko UL584APW Fridge is the one for you.

It doesn’t have many complicated features but provides you with plenty of room to store items efficiently, including a handy bottle rack.

It has a smart auto-defrost feature to prevent mountains of ice from forming on the walls. As well as a bright light allowing you to see everything in the fridge, and simple controls to monitor the fridge temperature. 

The Beko has everything you need at a fantastic price point, making it my best budget freestanding pick. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

They also have a model with an ice box as well, if you’re looking for some freezer space.

Check the latest prices:

Miele K12020S-1 Freestanding Under-Counter Fridge

Miele K12020S-1 Freestanding Under-Counter Fridge
Best Premium – Freestanding

Dimensions: 85cm High x 60cm Wide x 62.8cm Deep
Capacity: 161 litres
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 38dB
Key Features: Quietly performing / LED lighting / Durable and reliable

If you’re looking for the best quality product and one that is built to last and stand the test of time and constant everyday use, then Miele is the answer. If you’re a regular on my website you’ll know I’m a big fan of Miele and this model is no exception.

The Miele K12020S-1 Fridge provides you with ample space to store cold items with its huge 161L capacity. That’s enough room for nine bags of groceries.

It has a bright LED light allowing you to see everything in your fridge alongside lots of practical and adjustable storage. The trays and shelves provide maximum convenience as they can slide out and go right in the dishwasher when it’s time for a spring clean.

While the reversible door makes it easy to find just the right place for your fridge. And, You’ll not hear the familiar hum you expect from a fridge, thanks to Miele’s sound buffers and super quiet operating noise.

The best build quality and reliability, fantastic large capacity and whisper-quiet running make the Miele my best premium freestanding pick. It may not be the cheapest but it will last you a lifetime.

Check the latest prices:
Appliance City


Bosch Series 6 KUL15AFF0G Integrated Under-Counter Fridge with Ice Box

Bosch Series 6 KUL15AFF0G Integrated Under Counter Fridge with Ice Box
Best Overall – Integrated

Dimensions: 82cm High x 59.8cm Wide x 54.8cm Deep
Capacity: 123 litres
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 38dB
Key Features: Easy-to-use temperature control / Icebox / Multibox storage

If you’re after a good quality under-counter fridge with a handy ice box feature (for those all-important ice cream snacks) then the Bosch Series 6 KUL15AFF0G is my recommendation.

They also have a model without the ice box 👍

I’ve been a fan of Bosch products for many years (I especially rate their dishwashers) and this fridge is no exception.

It has all the features you’d expect such as an auto-defrost fridge section, adjustable shelves, efficient energy consumption and a large transparent multi-box storage drawer to keep your salads nice and fresh.

Handy bright interior lights and quiet performance round out the Boschs list of features.

It’s the build quality and reliability of Bosch that does it for me though. Making this my best overall integrated pick!

Check the latest prices:
Appliance City
Currys (without Ice Box)

Fridgemaster MBUL60138MF Integrated Under-Counter Fridge

Fridgemaster MBUL60138E Integrated Under Counter Fridge
Best Budget – Integrated

Dimensions: 81.8cm High x 59.5cm Wide x 54.5cm Deep
Capacity: 138 litres
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Noise: 39dB
Key Features: Quiet performance / Interior lighting / Auto Defrost

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on your under-counter fridge then consider the Fridgemaster MBUL60133MM.

It may not be as spacious or have as many features as others but you still get a lot for the price.

With a respectable 138L capacity (or 7 bags of food shopping) the Fridgemaster comes with a large salad drawer and adjustable shelving.

The automatic defrost ensures there is no build-up of ice and means you will never have to worry about manually defrosting your new fridge. A must-have these days!

Everything you need in an integrated under-counter fridge at a fantastic low price makes the Fridgemaster my best budget pick!

Check the latest prices:

Liebherr UIKO1550 Integrated Under-Counter Pull-Out Fridge

Liebherr UIKO1550 Integrated Under-Counter Pull Out Fridge
Best Premium – Integrated

Dimensions: 82cm High x 60cm Wide x 55cm Deep
Capacity: 132 litres
Auto Defrost: Yes
Energy Rating: F (New Rating)
Key Features: Pull-out door / Interior lighting / Soft closing door

A bit of a wild card here and something of a wow factor when it comes to under-counter fridges. (I know I’m a bit sad but I do like it when companies are innovative)

The Liebherr UIKO1550 is a pull-out under-counter fridge (or a drawer fridge). The door is on runners to allow it to slide out smoothly, giving you easy access to everything inside.

In addition, the Liebherr UIKO1550 contains shelves that also slide out on soft-close telescopic rails to provide you with even more access to the contents.

No longer will you struggle to find anything and have to bend down and rummage around. It is all right at your fingertips. So if you’re the type of person who prefers drawers over doors in your kitchen (I know I am) then this fridge could be the perfect match you never knew you needed!

It also comes with a handy bottle shelf for beverages and a removable fruit and vegetable drawer. The large drawer can also be divided into two equal-sized compartments, with even more storage space underneath.

Beautifully designed with the fantastic build quality I’ve come to expect from Liebherr make this my best premium integrated pick!

It’s not the cheapest under-counter fridge by any means but it is something a bit special.

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Appliance City


Are Freestanding Under-Counter Fridges A Standard Size?

Sort of. They are typically 82-86cm high x 50-60cm wide x 50 – 63cm deep.

Freestanding under-counter fridges are all roughly the same size but do vary slightly between manufacturers and models.

Always double-check that the size of the fridge will fit into the space you have.

Are Integrated Under-Counter Fridges A Standard Size?

For the most part, yes. Typically they will be 60cm wide x 82cm high x 55cm deep.

Similar to their freestanding counterparts, integrated under-counter fridges are roughly the same size but can vary slightly between manufacturers and models.

Always double-check the measurements before buying, especially the depth!

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! The best under-counter fridges. Perfect for small kitchens or extra fridge space in your utility room.

The Liebherr T1710 gets my best freestanding overall pick and the Hotpoint HLA1.UK1 gets my best integrated overall pick. Both have good capacities, strong build quality and some nice features all at a competitive price point.

Whatever your needs and budget there is the perfect under-counter fridge on this list!



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