Can You Get A 13 Amp Plug-In Electric Oven?

Yes, 13 amp plug-in electric ovens are available on the market.

Although there is more choice than there used to be, there is still a much smaller choice compared to their higher amp rated counterparts.

Also, you’ll likely find that there are not as many features available on 13 amp plug-in ovens as they lack the power to perform certain functions.

If you are specifically looking to buy a 13 amp oven check that the electrical connection required is less than 3KW. Or the manufacturer states that the oven comes with a 13 amp plug attached to the oven.

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What Is A 13 Amp Oven

A 13 amp oven, sometimes called a plug-in oven, is an electric oven that comes with a standard three-pin 13 amp plug attached to it. (or one that can be attached to it).

You can plug them directly into a normal socket and they don’t need to be connected by a professional electrician.

13 amp oven
Oven with 13 amp plug

Why Would You Need A 13 Amp Electric Oven?

There could be a few reasons why you might need a 13 amp oven. The most common is because you don’t have the correct wiring in place to be able to install a more powerful electric oven.

Many electric ovens require over 3KW to power them, which will be more powerful than your normal 13 amp plug socket. Therefore you need to have a separate dedicated cable from your fuse box to the oven, which can carry a greater electrical load. This is often referred to as hardwired or hardwiring an oven.

Installing that dedicated new cable can be very difficult and/or costly. Usually, you encounter this scenario if you are having a kitchen refurbishment and don’t want to carry out any major building work but you want to install a new oven. This is why some people might want a 13 amp oven.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of 13 Amp Ovens?

The advantages of a 13 amp oven are that they are far more flexible to install and don’t require any professional installation service.

It can also save money on having to carry out any additional building and electrical work to professionally install a dedicated higher-rated cable and circuit.

The disadvantages to having a 13 amp oven are that there are fewer models available on the market to choose from and that the features and functions you get can be a little limiting compared to their higher-rated counterparts.

For example, features such as pyrolytic cleaning and rapid heat-up are often reserved for more powerful ovens. The power required to perform these functions can be too great to run off a 13 amp fuse.

So make sure to check the power requirements of the oven against the features you would like.

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13 amp oven

Is It Better To Hardwire An Electric Oven?

If possible, I’m of the opinion it’s better to hardwire an electric oven. It should be hardwired into a higher-rated dedicated circuit with a separate cooker isolation switch (the big red switch). Rather than plugging it into a socket that’s part of an existing circuit. Even if the oven says it’s 13 amp rated.

Ovens are often used for long periods of time and demand a high electrical load. If you also use other appliances that are plugged into the same circuit you could cause that circuit to become overloaded.

For example, even small appliances like a kettle, although not used for long periods of time, can demand a high electrical load. If your oven is running and you have several other items all powered from the same circuit, turning the kettle on could be the thing that pushes the circuit to become overloaded.

That’s why, if possible, I think it’s better to hardwire an oven on its own separate circuit to avoid this type of situation.

Can You Get A 13 Amp Double Oven?

No. To the best of my knowledge as a kitchen designer and after lots of research, I couldn’t find a 13 amp double oven. Simply put, the power required to run two ovens (albeit smaller sized) is greater than a 13 amp plug can provide.

Because of this, a double oven will need hardwiring to a suitable higher amp supply.

How Many KW Can A 13 Amp Plug Take?

As a general rule. 13 amp plugs can take a maximum of 3KW (3000 watts).

Working out the amps needed to power an oven is a quick and easy calculation.

Amps = Watts / Voltage.

Example: The oven you want says that it’s 3000 watts (3KW).

So, 3000 / 240 (voltage in UK) = 12.5amps.

Therefore, you would need a fuse that can carry 12.5 amps or more to be able to power the oven. The closest fuse would be a 13 amp fuse.

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Final Thoughts…

I hope this post has helped explain a little more about 13 amp ovens and the options available to you.

If at all unsure, ask a qualified electrician to check before you purchase your new appliance.

If you’re looking for information on other appliances, check out my Appliance Guide section for more info and recommended products.



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