Full Size Oven With Microwave: The Answer For Small Kitchens?

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, or you just love the convenience of microwave cooking, you may be interested in a full-size built-in single oven with microwave function.

You’re probably aware that there are lots of compact ovens with microwave functions on the market, but they’re compact, not full-size.

Can you even get a full-size built-in single oven with a microwave function and is it a good idea if you have a small kitchen?

Let’s explore!

In a hurry? Here’s the key takeaway:

👨‍🍳 For small kitchens or those seeking a blend of convenience and functionality, a full-size built-in oven with microwave function is a space-efficient choice, offering quick microwave cooking and traditional oven capabilities all in one.

Read on to learn more…

Can You Get A Full Size Oven With Microwave Function?

Yes, you can get a full-size oven with microwave function. 

However, your options are somewhat limited as only Siemens and Bosch offer this type of oven at the moment. (to my knowledge at the time of publication)

Have a look at the options available here:

Top Tip: There are two easy ways you can tell if an oven has a microwave function.
1. It will have the little fingers sticking up out of the door, these lock the door when the microwave is on.
2. It will also have a Faraday cage in the door. This is the mesh-looking crisis-cross black lines you see inside microwave doors, which stops the microwaves from coming out. Now you know 👍

Bosch full size oven with microwave function
Bosch full-size oven with microwave function

What Is A Full Size Oven With Microwave Function? 

A full-size oven with microwave function is a kitchen appliance that combines the capabilities of a standard oven and a microwave into a single unit, offering both conventional baking, roasting, and grilling options, as well as the ability to quickly heat or cook food using microwave technology.

It’s a regular oven, it’s a microwave and it’s a combination of the two.

To break it down further:

  • Full-size: The oven is the same size as a standard oven (about 60 cm tall) 

  • Built-in: The oven can be installed into your kitchen units for a seamless look

  • Single oven: This means it is one machine, with one cavity for baking (as opposed to a double oven)

  • Microwave function: The oven can be used for baking, as any standard oven, but also has a function for cooking through microwaves.

    A microwave cooks food differently from a standard oven, using electromagnetic radiation to make the water molecules in your food vibrate and heat up. This can mean quicker, and even healthier, cooking. 

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Pros Of A Full-Size Oven With Microwave

  • Space-saving: Many people will choose to combine their microwave and oven to save space in a smaller kitchen. Having a microwave function in your oven means you don’t have to have another appliance taking up space on your new worktops, leaving more room for preparation. 

  • Time-saving and convenience: Microwave cooking is convenient and quick. This feature will heat and thaw foods faster than your oven, saving time and making cooking from frozen a breeze!

  • Energy-saving: Because microwave functions don’t take as long and are more precise in their cooking, using this is a great way to be a bit more green in your kitchen. 

  • Combination cooking: The functions of these ovens (grilling, baking, and microwaving) are all able to operate separately. However, you can also combine the microwave and oven for faster, tastier cooking. 

Cons Of A Full-Size Oven With Microwave

  • Selection: …or lack thereof. At the moment, only Siemens and Bosch offer a full-size built-in single oven with a microwave function. This means you have very little choice in the size, style, and features of your new oven. 

  • Cost: You typically only see this oven option in the higher-spec models. So the price of your oven will be higher than other options on the market. Add the fact it’s an additional feature anyway, and you’re looking at a cost of £1,500+. 
Small kitchen with a single full size oven with microwave function
A small kitchen with a single full-size oven with microwave function
  Image – Nordiska Kök

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Personal Experience

I had a client and kitchen project where he didn’t do lots of cooking and didn’t need multiple ovens and microwaves as it would have been completely unnecessary, not to mention that it would have overwhelmed his small kitchen space.

Our goal was to maximize storage and maintain clear countertops. So we decided on a full-size oven with a built-in microwave function, which offered a neat solution.

This choice eliminated the need for a separate microwave, thus freeing up counter space, and provided a conventional oven for everyday meals with the added convenience of a microwave for when it was necessary.

Plus, he particularly enjoyed using the combination function for cooking delicious jacket potatoes! I top tip I learned from product training days! 😋

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Can you get a double oven with a microwave function?

No, you can’t get a double oven with a microwave function in one of the ovens.

Double ovens are two slightly smaller-sized ovens stacked together, and they don’t include microwave functions.

If you need both a full-size oven and a microwave, you would generally purchase a separate microwave or a combi-oven, which can function as both. These can be installed in addition to, or in place of, one of the units in a double oven setup.

Having a full-size single oven and then a compact combi oven above it is probably the combination I design and recommend most for my clients.

Is A Full Size Oven With Microwave The Best Option For A Small Kitchen?

Whether a full-size oven with a microwave function is the best option for a small kitchen truly hinges on your specific needs and cooking habits.

For those who find themselves cooking frequently and require more space and versatility, fitting both a single oven and a separate microwave or compact combination oven might be the way to go.

This setup is particularly useful if you often find yourself needing to use both an oven and a microwave simultaneously for different dishes.

On the other hand, if your cooking is infrequent or simpler, typically not requiring the use of an oven and microwave at the same time, a full-size oven with a built-in microwave could indeed be the ideal solution.

It certainly was for my client.

It conserves space, which is a precious commodity in a small kitchen, allowing you to eliminate the room a separate microwave would take up. This frees up valuable working space either on your countertop or opens up other storage options in your cabinets.

So, for those looking to keep their kitchen spacious and versatile without the need for separate appliances, a full-size oven with microwave functionality offers a neat and efficient choice.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it!

Having a full-size built-in single oven with microwave function in your kitchen can offer great benefits, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. You’ll cook faster, have more space, and possibly save energy along the way. 

However, these ovens do come at a premium and there really isn’t a great amount of choice out there, but the convenience may well be worth it for you and your family. 



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