Hygge Kitchen: How To Design The Perfect Cozy Kitchen

You’ve probably seen the term ‘hygge‘ used a lot over the last few years. Whether it’s interior design, lifestyle, cooking, or something entirely different, bringing hygge into your life is bang on-trend. And having a hygge kitchen is a core part of that.

If your kitchen is the heart of your home (as they say!), then it follows you want it to be filled with hygge. But what is hygge and how do you achieve it?

In this post, I’ll explain what hygge is and how you can take inspiration to incorporate hygge into your kitchen design.

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What Is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish concept of cosiness and togetherness.

It can be a noun or a verb: a space has hygge or you can hygge.

While it can’t be described in a single English word, there’s a wonderful song from a Danish Christmas programme that describes the concept. I’ve translated some of the lyrics below.

When it’s…rain and sleet and snow outside, and you sit together at the warm fireplace, playing games and eating sweets and drinking tea…that’s hygge.

When you’re many, who are having a nice time together, in peace and quiet, you feel a little joy…that’s hygge.

It’s the feeling of peace, joy, cosiness and safety, together with those you love. But how do you bring this into your kitchen?

How To Design A Hygge Kitchen

Now that you know what hygge is, it’s time to explore how to instil this cosiness in your new kitchen.

As with the concept itself, no one thing makes a hygge kitchen. It’s an overall style and feeling in the space.

Importantly, hygge is also very personal. So what makes you feel warm and cosy may not be the same as someone else. It’s about finding what works for you.

Here, I’ve drawn together some design concepts and elements to look at when you’re designing your hygge kitchen.

1. Light – Natural and Artificial

Hygge Kitchen Cosy candle light

Nothing creates ambience more than lighting, and the same is true in your hygge kitchen. If you can, find space for large windows to flood the room with natural light.

When looking for artificial lighting, go for warmer temperature lights with a lower kelvin to achieve a softer glow and add a dimmer switch to give you more control.

For added hygge you could include candles, fairy-lights and floor or table lamps to create a cosy atmosphere or little nook in your kitchen.

2. Warm Neutral & Pastel Colours

Hygge Kitchen with neutral colour scheme
Source: Neptune

Off-white is a very popular colour for a hygge kitchen, as it’s a fresh, neutral and calming backdrop. It’s a blank canvas for you to add carefully selected design elements to enhance the space.

If off-white isn’t your colour of choice, don’t worry – you can choose any light, soft pastel colour to create a calm and cosy space. Just keep the walls as neutral as possible so your personal touches take centre stage.

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3. Natural Materials

Natural materials Woodland

Natural materials are a perfect way to warm up any kitchen, and the same is true for hygge kitchens. Be it in your cabinets, worktops, walls or accessories, adding natural elements is essential for a hygge kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with this, either – while wood and plants come to mind, natural stones and fibres are also great ways to bring the outside in and add a little comfort.

4. Add Texture

When achieving your hygge look and feel, textures go a long way. Natural stone countertops, tiled splashbacks and wooden bar stools are all ways to add unique touches of texture to your space.

Mixing soft and rough elements, such as concrete floors and a natural rug, makes the space tactile and inviting. It’s about achieving the perfect imperfect finish, avoiding all things cold and clinical.

5. Keep Things Simple

Scandinavian design ideas
Source: Harvey Jones (*Affiliate Link)

Minimalism and simplicity often go hand in hand with Scandinavian or Nordic design. Hygge kitchens are thus often minimal in style.

It’s not about having a stark white kitchen with nothing in it. It’s about keeping things simple and having items that bring real value.

Whether that’s practical, sentimental or just aesthetic, everything has its purpose and place. It really is the simple pleasures in life!

6. Thoughtful Items

Hygge kitchen elements and thoughtful items

Perhaps the most important element of a hygge kitchen is the way it represents what you love. It’s creating the space where you come home after a long, hard day and the stress just melts away. It’s surrounding yourself with the things and people you love.

Decorating your space with thoughtful items that spark joy is key to achieving this look. Choose your accessories with intention, selecting gifts and vintage heirlooms over the latest designer trends. That way, you’ll always love your space.

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Hygge Kitchen Design Ideas

Here are some kitchens that I hope will inspire your hygge kitchen design.

Just remember, as the concept of hygge is about what brings you cosiness and joy, how this manifests in a kitchen is completely subjective.

Your design may look exactly – or nothing! – like the kitchens here, and still, be the perfect hygge space for you.

Light Up Your Life

Light and airy kitchen with natural light and large windows

This kitchen makes the most of the empty back wall by adding two huge windows, flooding the room with natural light. Adding recessed and pendant lighting further adds to the light and airy feel of the room, creating a beautiful ambience and hygge feel.

Fun for the Family

Hygge Kitchen

I love the artwork and quirky elements in this small kitchen! The unique box open shelves are full of joy, and the natural textures add depth and visual interest. Even the lighting fixture adds a sense of fun. A great design for the whole family.

Warm and Welcoming

A classic Scandinavian style kitchen with warmth, texture and hygge.
Source: Our Food Stories

A beautiful open-plan Scandinavian kitchen with lots of natural light mixed with warm wood cabinets and an open fireplace makes this large room feel cosy.

It makes use of texture with the logs, rug and wooden flooring as well as introducing some plants to help bring the outdoors in. A beautiful hygge kitchen.

Final Thoughts…

I hope you feel a little more relaxed after reading this post and are ready to tackle your new kitchen design.

Now grab a cup of tea or mug of hot chocolate with your loved ones, get the blankets and cushions out and hygge together!

Achieving hygge in your kitchen is easy if you just keep the core concepts of cosiness, love and warmth in mind.

I’ve given you some ideas on how to achieve a cozy kitchen, but remember it’s all personal!



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