Kitchen Island Size Calculator Tool – Can You Fit A Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is more than just a style statement, it has to be functional and proportionate to the available space. That’s why many find designing a kitchen a daunting task, especially when it comes to determining the size of a kitchen island.

So I built a kitchen island size calculator tool! πŸ“Ÿ

Now you can effortlessly determine the appropriate dimensions for your kitchen island based on your kitchen’s layout and measurements.

What the Kitchen Island Size Calculator does

  • Proportionality: The calculator ensures that the island dimensions fit well within the size of your kitchen without being too cramped or too sparse.

  • Layout Consideration: Depending on your kitchen’s layout, the island’s size can differ. The calculator takes into account different layouts to provide the most accurate dimensions.

  • Visualization: With the visual guide, you can see how your kitchen will look with the island in place.

How to Use the Kitchen Island Size Calculator

  1. Choose the Measurement Unit:
    • Select between ‘Centimetres’ and ‘Inches’ depending on your preferred unit of measurement.

  2. Input Room Dimensions:
    • Enter the room length and room width of your kitchen.
    • You may need to switch these around to get the room layout you want.

  3. Select the Kitchen Layout:
    • Choose from four options that best describe your kitchen layout:
      • Single Wall Of Cabinets With An Island
      • Cabinets On Opposite Walls With An Island
      • L-Shape Cabinets With An Island
      • U-Shape Cabinets With An Island

  4. Click on Calculate:
    • The calculator will then provide you with the ideal dimensions of the kitchen island as well as a visual representation of the room with the cabinets and the island, offering a clearer perspective.

πŸ‘‹ FYI: The calculator works in cm and inches. If you have your kitchen room measurements in feet or metres, don’t worry. I’ve included a measurement conversion just below the calculator.

Kitchen Island Size Calculator

Can I Fit An Island In My Kitchen? – Use the tool below to find out!

Kitchen Island Size Calculator

Visual Guide


This calculator is meant as a guide only. It is based on the assumption that any cabinet depth is 63cm (25 inches) and any walkway distance between cabinets or cabinets and a wall is 100cm (40 inches). Always check with your kitchen designer, builder or contractor before making your final decision.

Measurement Conversion Tool

Measurement Conversion Tool

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Factors that affect Kitchen Island Size

Determining the perfect size for your kitchen island isn’t merely about personal preference. Several practical factors come into play when determining the optimal kitchen island size.

  • Room Dimensions: Unsurprisingly, the overall size of your kitchen is the most significant determinant. An expansive kitchen might accommodate a large, multi-functional island, whereas a more compact space may only fit a modest-sized one.

    Consider not just the floor space but also the vertical space, ensuring that lighting fixtures or ventilation systems align with the island’s placement.

  • Layout Choices: Different layout options be it L-shaped or U-shaped, have ramifications for island size and placement. For instance, a U-shaped layout surrounds the island on three sides, often dictating a smaller shaped island.

    Conversely, open or L-shaped layouts can offer more flexibility in island dimensions but require careful consideration to maintain the kitchen’s flow.

  • Traffic Flow: It’s imperative to ensure easy movement around the kitchen. The rule of thumb is to maintain at least 1m-1.2m (40-48 inches) of clearance around each side of the island.

    This allows room for people to pass by, even when cabinet or appliance doors are open, ensuring good traffic flow and reducing the risk of bumps and spills.

  • Functionality: What purpose will your island serve? Do you want your sink or hob (cooktop) on the island? If it’s primarily a cooking station, you might prioritize counter space. If it’s a dining area, you’ll need ample room for seating. All of which can determine the ideal size and shape of your kitchen island.

  • Existing Kitchen Elements: A kitchen island doesn’t exist in isolation. It needs to work with cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures.

    The placement and size of major appliances, like range cookers/stoves and refrigerators, play a pivotal role. An island too close to a significant appliance can cause functionality issues as well as disrupt the workflow, making the kitchen feel cramped and less efficient.

I say it all the time, your kitchen layout is like a jigsaw puzzle! – And your island is no exception.

It requires you to fit together various elements into a cohesive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing whole. It’s a blend of art and science, personal taste, and practical constraints. Like most things in life!

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it. My ‘kitchen island size calculator tool’. I hope you have fun using it!

Remember, always consider the functionality and flow of your kitchen space when deciding on the island size. This calculator serves as a guide, and it’s crucial to consider other factors such as seating space, appliances, storage, and more.

If in doubt, consult with a kitchen design professional!

I made this tool myself, so if you have any feedback or other features you’d like to see, drop me an email. πŸ‘



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