The Best Built Under Double Ovens – Compact Dual Cooking

Built under double ovens let you satisfy hungry guests by cooking two different dishes at the same time.

Thanks to their separate and independently controllable cooking areas, you won’t have to wait to finish cooking one dish before starting another. That means you can be cooking your main dish while grilling up some tasty treats in the second oven.

The compact built-under design also saves a surprising amount of kitchen space. Perfect for those small galley kitchens or low-ceiling spaces that can’t fit tall cabinets.

In this post, I’m sharing my top picks for the best built under double oven, including a quick run-down of their key features and benefits.

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Check out my top picks below:

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What’s The Difference Between A Built-In and Built Under Double Oven?

Before we get into the best ovens, I wanted to quickly explain the difference between a built-in and a built under double oven.

It’s something that can often cause confusion and I’ve seen other websites get wrong, which really doesn’t help!

Built-In Double Oven

Built-in Double Oven Size

Oven Size: 90cm high x 60cm wide x 55-58cm deep
Overall Capacity: 85-135L

Built-in double ovens must be installed in a tall/tower oven housing. This can be in a midi-height, tall, or extra-tall unit. They are too tall to be installed under the countertop.

Built Under Double Oven

Built-Under Double Oven Size

Oven Size: 70cm High x 60cm Wide x 55-58cm Deep.
Overall Capacity:

Built-under double ovens are smaller than a built-in double ovens so they fit under standard kitchen countertops.

As the average kitchen countertop is 87cm from the floor to the underside of the countertop, built-under double ovens are more compact. If you’re looking for the biggest capacity, this may not be the right choice for you.

However, if you can’t fit (or don’t want) a tall oven housing cabinet in your kitchen then a built-under double oven is a great option.

Remember, this post is about the best built-under double ovens.

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The Best Built Under Double Ovens

Below are my favourite built-under double ovens that I have either personally used at home or in the showroom during cooking demonstrations, or get great feedback on from customers.

1. Hotpoint Class 2 DU2540IX Built-Under Double Oven

Hotpoint Class 2 DU2540IX Built-Under Electric Double Oven

Dimensions: (H)86.0 with feet x (W)59.7 x (D)57.8
Capacity: Main Oven 59 L / Second Oven 37 L
No. Main Oven Functions: 4
Energy Rating: A/A
Key Features: Main electric fan oven, handy programmable timer, second oven with grill feature, grease-proof enamel coating

I chose this Hotpoint built-under double oven for its great looks and well-rounded features. The generously sized main cavity uses its electric fan to disperse heat evenly throughout, while the second cavity features a grill setting for crisping and browning food.

The programmable timer also makes it easier to avoid overcooking your dishes. And, the grease-proof enamel coating makes cleaning the main cavity faster and easier.

This model is available with removable (and adjustable) feet to make installation a breeze.

A nice design and some great features all at a competitive price. That’s why the Hotpoint gets my ‘best overall‘ pick!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Currys (Stainless Steel)
Currys (White Finish)

2. Indesit Aria IDU6340IX Built-Under Double Oven

Indesit Aria IDU6340IX Built-Under Double Oven

Dimensions: (H)86.0 with feet x (W)59.7 x (D)57.8
Capacity: Main Oven 59 L / Second Oven 37 L
No. Main Oven Functions: 3
Energy Rating: B/B
Key Features: Second oven with grill setting, programmable timer, enamel liners on both ovens

If you don’t want to spend a lot on your next built-under double oven, consider this budget-minded model from Indesit.

It has all the features you could ask for, including a main fan oven for quick, even cooking and a second oven with a grill setting. It also boasts the largest main cavity capacity of any double oven on this list.

The stylish stainless steel exterior gives it a sleek look but it’s also available in black as well as white. Upkeep is made simple thanks to its grease-proof enamel interior liners. Like the Hotpoint mentioned above, the Indesit also comes equipped with supportive feet.

A simple, easy-to-use oven that won’t break the bank. That’s why the Indesit gets my ‘best budget‘ pick!

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Currys – Black Finish
(Also available in white and stainless steel)

3. AEG DUB331110M Built-Under Double Oven

AEG DUE731110M Built-Under Double Oven

Dimensions: (H)71.5 x (W)59.4 x (D)56.8
Capacity: Main Oven 46 L / Second Oven 40 L
No. Main Oven Functions: 5
Energy Rating: A/A
Key Features: SurroundCook feature, Catalytic liners

AEG is another brand I have been using, selling and recommending for years and this built under oven is no exception.

It’s a solid mid-range choice with all the features you need from a solidly built oven and brand.

The SurroundCook feature provides even heat circulation to ensure each meal is cooked thoroughly.

There’s even an electronic programmable timer that automatically shuts off the oven when your meals are done.

And, to make post-dinner clean-up faster and easier, the AEG’s catalytic liners absorb and dissolve grease while cooking.

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City
Currys PC World

4. NEFF N50 J1ACE2HN0B Built-Under Double Oven

NEFF N50 J1ACE2HN0B Built-Under Double Oven

Dimensions: (H)71.7 x (W)59.4 x (D)55.0
Capacity: Main Oven 47 L / Second Oven 34 L
No. Main Oven Functions: 10
Energy Rating: A/B
Key Features: Main multifunctional oven, telescopic shelf runners, grease-absorbing interior

This NEFF model might be the priciest on my list but what you’ll get for it, however, is a fantastic built-under double oven with lots of features.

Thanks to NEEF’s circatherm technology the multifunctional main oven makes cooking multiple different dishes easier than ever, not to mention its broad array of cooking functions.

Need to check your meals occasionally? The telescopic shelf runners glide out smoothly just to make that task easier. Don’t forget about the NEFF’s EcoClean Direct interior, which absorbs and burns away grease as you cook.

For those looking for a more premium built-under double oven, you can’t go wrong with this NEFF model.

Check out the latest prices and availability at:
Appliance City


Does a built under double oven need a cabinet?

No, built under double ovens are not installed in cabinets.

They are designed to fit under your countertop and will sit on legs or brackets which are attached to the sides of the cabinets or end panels on either side of the oven.

Essentially, they fit into an empty gap, not into a kitchen cabinet or oven housing.

Can You Use Both Ovens On A Double Oven At The Same Time?

Yes! You can cook separate dishes at different temperatures at the same time by using both oven cavities. This is the main benefit of having a double oven.

You could also use one oven on the grill setting at the same time as using the other oven on a conventional oven heating setting. Especially handy for Christmas dinner when you’ve got a turkey cooking away but you want to grill some pigs in blankets.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it, the best built-under double ovens perfect for compact dual cooking!

With a perfect balance of features, performance and price, the Hotpoint DU2540IX is my best overall pick.

If you’re on a tighter budget then the Indesit IDU6340IX is a fantastic choice you can’t go wrong with.

However, if money is no object and you want the best of the best then the NEFF N50 J1ACE2HN0B is the one for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think? Will you go for a built under double oven in your next kitchen?



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