Biophilic Kitchen Design – Let Nature Into Your Home

Were you scrolling through your Insta feed and saw some gorgeous kitchen designs that really connected with your soul? Was it titled as a biophilic kitchen design? What is that, and how do you make it happen in your own home?

In this post, I’ll explain what biophilic design is as well as how you can use it to create your own gorgeous biophilic designed kitchen.

Let’s get into it!

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a growing trend in home decor and architecture. It is an extension and application of the concept of biophilia. This term refers to humanity’s innate need to connect with nature through an emotional and tactile manner even while living in our constructed environment.

Biophilic design focuses on creating spaces that work for you in a practical, emotional, and supportive manner instead of emphasising the appearance above all else.

In short, think:

  • Natural Materials
  • Tactile textures
  • Neutral colour palette
  • Shapes and patterns found in nature
  • Luscious living greenery
  • Beautiful bright natural light
  • Bring the outside in
  • Elements that bring you joy

If your current kitchen lacks warmth, and you really don’t have any love for its look, functionality, or even your spice jars, biophilic design may help you to change all that.

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How To Create A Biophilic Kitchen Design

Your first instinct may be to simply go all-natural in your kitchen to attain the biophilic label, but it is crucial to ensure that you build an emotional connection with every main element–even if it doesn’t quite meet that organic label.

Working With Natural Materials

Look for cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and window treatments crafted out of natural materials. You may wish to source a set of used hardwood cabinets that just need refinishing to reduce your impact on the world’s environment. A granite or marble counter adds movement to working surfaces while using 100% natural products.

Bamboo or cork is considered a great choice for flooring as an eco-friendly and renewable resource.

Stone, metal, glass, and wood are all part of the natural spectrum. Cutting boards, shelving units, the splashback–select pieces that bring you joy while protecting nature.

Biophilic Kitchen Design

Neutral And Natural Colours

In your effort to bring more of the great outdoors into your hardworking kitchen, think about using a neutral colour palette that will work with the full spectrum of colours found in your food.

If you feel that you must have cabinetry finished out in red, green, or blue, look to your garden for inspiration in selecting a hue that is relaxing and well-matched to the view outside.

Avoid bright neon shades often highlighted in plastics and acrylics. Is there a trending colour popping up all over social media? You may want to skip that one as it will date your timeless kitchen concept. A white or lighter kitchen will allow the vase of spring blooms to introduce seasonal energy into the room.

Unpredictable Biomorphic Shapes & Patterns

While walking your favourite hiking trail by the river, see how it follows the winding shape of the world around you. The natural environment tends to shy away from sharp angles and repeating geometric patterns.

Your biophilic design will incorporate softer patterns and shapes with rounded edges. Have you always fought against symmetrical home design? You have just found a decor that works with your authentic and intuitive self.

Look for serving platters, charcuterie boards, and decorative items in unique shapes. Opt for a single wall of floral non-repeating paper. Choose seating that is informal and soft. Mismatched bottles can hold dried herbs and pasta.

Biomorphic Shapes & Patterns

Natural Texture Enlivens The Space

Part of gardening is experiencing the feel of dirt under your nails. The soil may be sandy or slick with clay. A ripe apple snaps as you bite into it. Your toes wiggle with joy as you stroll along the beach.

A biophilic kitchen will use texture to surprise and delight its owner. Instead of polished steel appliances, look for finishes with a subtle texture. Avoid harsh lighting with soft textures that create a warmer space that invites you to sit down for a cup of tea.

When shopping for the finishing touches always go into the store and run your hand over the rug, cloth napkins, and dish towels before buying.

Introduce Living Greenery

You could just add a few plants to your kitchen and call it a natural design, but that really misses the mark. Your biophilic kitchen may have a large bay window behind the sink where you maintain a collection of herbs and blooming annuals.

Your greenery will add oxygen to your kitchen while removing CO2 from your environment. They emit soft scents of gardens, wild hills, and fresh vegetables. Your plants should not only highlight the design with living colour but support your lifestyle by producing fresh ingredients and brightening your day.

Biophilic Design

Include Natural Light And Ventilation

Even if you live in a high-rise condo and have little to look at besides other blocks of flats, a large window in your kitchen is hugely beneficial. Crank it open on a warm spring day and hear the birds singing in the park. Smell the real world beyond air conditioning and last night’s fish and chips.

Natural sunlight helps to maintain a positive mental outlook and prevents the invasion of mould and mildew. The ultimate biophilic kitchen will feature a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows that connect your food preparation space with an outdoor dining area.

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Biophilic Kitchen design idea

Embracing The Things That Bring You Joy

Finally, biophilia not only talks about reconnecting with nature but embracing our man-made world as part of our own evolution. For this reason, a biophilic kitchen may include an epic espresso machine or smart refrigerator able to order groceries. It is about loving your kitchen.

You will want to spend hours here making pasta, chatting up your bestie, or just daydreaming about your next holiday. Stop at the jumble sale and pick up the smiling ceramic frog, a roasting pan in bright pink, or a silver chest that belonged to somebody’s grandmother. It will become part of your story and your kitchen. One filled with love.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it. Everything you need to know about the world of biophilic kitchen design.

A warm, calming, natural and healthy home. Biophilic kitchen design really does bring together the best of so many trends and design ideas.

So, will you go biophilic with your next kitchen project?



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