15 Beautiful Dark Green Kitchens – Inspiration and Ideas

If you’re looking to create a warm, stylish centre of your home, then a dark green kitchen is perfect for you.

Paired with crisp white worktops and lots of natural light, you’ll create a soft and supple look. If it’s a modern style you’re going for, however, accessorise your dark green kitchen with sleek grey worktops and industrial fixtures. The options are endless.

No matter what elements you add, choosing a dark green kitchen is an excellent option for creating a moody, warm, natural, and rich feel. And the look has staying power – it’s a trend that won’t go out of style.

I might be biased, as dark green is a personal favourite of mine. But can you blame me? These 15 kitchens prove just how good this colour can look.

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15 Dark Green Kitchens

1. Green and gold. There’s a reason gold is for winners. This classic kitchen combination will make any home feel opulent. Hey, you deserve it.

Dark Green Kitchen
Source: Devol

2. The little things. Modern light fixtures, unique knobs, and a decadent tap make this kitchen extra special. Boost your dark green kitchen with little touches to make it personal and perfect.

Dark Green Kitchen Devol
Source: Devol

3. Back to the seventies. Sleek, handleless cabinets and stylish wood touches bring the best of the seventies into the modern day. A modern whitewashed brick wall adds an extra layer of industrial style.

Kitchen ideas
Source: Doimo Cucine

4. Classic style, modern colour. If you love the idea of a classic shaker kitchen but want to add a modern spin, consider the colour. Choosing dark green cabinets takes your kitchen to the next level. Cheese not included.

Tom Howley Kitchen
Source: Tom Howley

5. Dark and stormy. This dark green kitchen uses copper worktops and backsplash to achieve a moody, modern look. This kitchen might be small, but it makes a big statement.

Dark Green Kitchens
Source: Devol

6. Marble-ous. White marble worktops are a great way to brighten up dark cabinets. This smooth, classic look is completed with intricate wood floors and classic appliances.

Dark Green Kitchen Idea
Source: Second Nature

7. Minimal look, maximum style. The unique layout of this kitchen makes the colour stand out even more. It’s not just the heart of the home – it’s the centre of your style. Make a statement with colour, style, and unique touches.

Green Kitchen ideas
Source: Hacker

8. A sea of green. Would you believe this is a houseboat kitchen? Unique shelves and stylish knobs mean this kitchen would be home anywhere. And it could just be!

9. Evergreen, ever stylish. Deep, dark green might not be the obvious option, but it’s one with staying power. Choosing a classic style cabinet in a dark green shade is a look that will last a lifetime.

Dark Green kitchen
Source: Howdens

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10. Colourful, fun, fresh. Choosing dark green cabinets doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to be dark. Add brightness by choosing light worktops and white tiles and having lots of beautiful natural light helps, too!

11. Fifties and fabulous. The 1950s were a great time for colourful kitchens. Bring back the retro feeling by pairing green cabinets with a tiled floor and cool marble worktops.

Ideas and inspiration
Source: Blakes London

12. An updated classic. By themselves, the elements of this kitchen are purely classic. Aga oven, shaker-style cabinets, white worktops. But adding a pop of dark green and a beautiful wrap-around bar updates the look while keeping the style.

13. Contemporary in cactus. This small but functional kitchen uses warm, dark worktops and a cool cactus colour to achieve a modern look. The beautiful splashback and cut-out handles make this kitchen ooze with style.

14. Warm and calm and green all over. Your dark green colour doesn’t have to stop at the cabinets. Carrying the colour up the walls of your kitchen really creates a warm oasis in the heart of your home. Accents of white, including a Belfast sink and beautiful fixtures, prevent the look from being too heavy.

Dark Green Kitchen
Source: Neptune

15. Green and grey. Looking for a perfect pairing for your dark green cabinets? Then look no further than dark grey. This combination of colours is both warm and modern, perfect for any style of home.

green handleless kitchen
Source: Johnson & French

Final Thoughts…

Choosing dark green for your kitchen is a great choice, no matter what style you choose. Whether you want a warm and cosy environment or a bright and fresh look, your friends will be green with envy when they see your selection.

I might be biased, but I hope you’ll agree – the future is green!



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