15 Gorgeous Dark Blue Kitchens – Inspiration and Ideas

Dark blue kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a whole kitchen in blue, a two-tone kitchen with a blue island or accents around the space, blue is the colour of the season.

Whatever the mix, blue can look fresh, calming and cool or rich, moody and luxurious. It all depends on the shade you pick and how you incorporate the colour into your kitchen. Navy, cobalt, azure, royal…the list goes on!

Rich, deep and full-bodied colours can create a striking and bold contrast to your kitchen if paired with light marble worktops or crisp clean walls and floors. However, blue jewel tones add an element of luxury to any kitchen, regardless of the backdrop.

Don’t be afraid to use darker colours to help create a warm and cosy environment.

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– 15 Gorgeous Dark Blue Kitchens –

I’ve linked to the source of each image, so please check them out, give them a follow on their socials and share your appreciation.

1. A modern classic. This simple and clean navy shaker-style kitchen looks both fresh and striking. Blue cabinets are set against a white worktop, walls and floors, adding contrast and dimension.

Navy Kitchen cabinets
Source: Neptune – Suffolk kitchen painted Navy

2. Clean and minimalist. This in-frame shaker kitchen pairs its warm, dark blue tones with light and airy white open shelving to create a crisp contrast that isn’t overpowering.

Dark Blue Kitchen
Source: Devol – The Clerkenwell Shaker Showroom

3. A touch of luxury. Having a light and open kitchen means you can go for a darker feature colour and not make the space feel too heavy. Having a statement colour on your kitchen island is a great way to showcase a two-tone kitchen.

Dark Blue Kitchen ideas
Source: Tom Howley – Hartford Luxury Blue Painted Kitchen

4. Mix and match. This classically styled shaker kitchen mixes colours and textures throughout the room. Combining dark blue, grey and white cabinets with marble and wooden worktops adds visual interest while keeping a modern look.

Dark blue kitchen
Source: 1909 – Hartforth Blue Kitchen

5. Traditionally contemporary. This grey-blue kitchen mixes the traditional in-frame cabinet construction but adds a contemporary twist by making it handle-less. The addition of clean open shelving and a streamlined induction hob help to give it a modern and fresh feel.

blue handle-less kitchen
Source: Harvey Jones – Handle-less Dark Blue/Grey Kitchen
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6. Full-bodied blue. This gorgeously moody and rich dark blue kitchen is made even warmer by its open wooden shelving and dark fixtures. The striking jewel-tone centres the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Blue kitchen inspiration
Source: Neptune – Suffolk Kitchen

7. Blue kitchen dreams. This stunning dark blue kitchen boasts an enormous island with ample seating. This set-up is perfect for parties and socialising while cooking. The dark cabinets are offset beautifully with the crisp white worktop, mirrored splashback and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Dark blue kitchen
Source: Blakes London – Dark Blue Kitchen

8. Contemporary and textured. Combining matt colours with concrete and wooden finishes, this modern handle-less kitchen mixes colour and texture to create a warm yet sleek look.

Blue Kitchen
Source: Roundhouse – Dark Blue Kitchen

9. Blue and brass. A perfect example to show that even if the whole kitchen is a bold feature colour, that doesn’t mean it has to be dark. Allowing lots of light into the room with patio doors and skylights can help counter those darker tones and bring balance to your space.

Source: Blakes London – Brodrick

10. Streamlined precision. This minimalist, modern handle-less kitchen shows that introducing a rich colour can help avoid a room feeling too clinical and cold. Whether that’s your kitchen island or splashback (or both in this case!), adding some colour or texture can breathe a little more life into your kitchen. The addition of natural textures, seen here in the wooden bar stools, can also help add warmth to a modern kitchen.

Blue kitchen inspiration
Source: Roundhouse – Handle-less Blue Kitchen

11. A classic beauty. This classic dark navy blue shaker kitchen looks beautiful set against the soft wooden flooring and contrasting worktops. The addition of aged brass handles and cabinet skirting makes it all the more sophisticated.

Blue shaker kitchen
Source: Harvey Jones – Blue Shaker Kitchen
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12. Industrial chic. This dark blue kitchen combines rich brass hardware with exposed industrial accents to achieve a raw yet refined look.

The Shaker Kitchen Company - Dark Blue Kitchen
Source: The Shaker Kitchen Company – Dark Blue Kitchen

13. Blue but not basic. Although blue is increasing in popularity for kitchen cabinets, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a basic style. Adding in unique and personal elements such as feature walls, artwork and lighting can help transform the fundamental into the fabulous.

Plain English Kitchen - London Townhouse
Source: Plain English Kitchen – London Townhouse

14. C’est magnifique! This kitchen oozes French luxury with in-frame shaker cabinets painted in Parisian Night Blue. The addition of brass handles, hinges and hardware keep it modern and dynamic.

Source: The Shaker Kitchen Company – Parisian Night Kitchen

15. Blu-tiful. Deep, rich and warm navy blue cabinets…check! Crisp and contrasting white worktops…check! Industrial brass elements…check! What’s not to love?

Harvey Jones - Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen
Source: Harvey Jones – Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen
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Final Thoughts…

Dark blue kitchens are a hot trend. The deep, warm colours add luxury and richness to any space. Adding light, industrial, and natural elements can help make this trend work for your home.

Dark blue kitchens aren’t just for this year – they’re forever. This is a trend with staying power that you will love for years to come. So if you are considering a dark blue kitchen, speak to your kitchen designer and find out if it’s right for you.

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