Can You Get A Gas Hob With Built-In Extractor?

Induction hobs with built-in extractors (sometimes called venting hobs) are becoming increasingly popular as more and more manufacturers adopt the technology and come out with their own models.

But that’s induction. What about gas? Can you get a gas hob with a built-in extractor?

In this post, I’ll explain the options available for gas hobs with built-in extractors as well as some common questions associated with them

Let’s explore further.

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Can You Get A Gas Hob With A Built-In Extractor?

Yes, you can get a gas hob with a built-in extractor. However, there are very few options currently available as it’s still a relatively new concept.

Currently, there are two ways of having a gas hob (cooktop) with a built-in extractor available on the market.

  1. The first is from a company called ‘Elica‘ and is an all-in-one gas hob with a built-in extractor in the centre. This is the same style that is becoming increasingly popular with induction hobs but until recently hasn’t been available for gas hobs.

  2. The second way is to create a modular hob system using domino gas hobs and a domino downdraft extractor.

Let’s look at both. 👀

1. Elica Gas Venting Hob (All-In-One Gas Hob With A Built-In Extractor)

Elica Flame

To my knowledge, Elica is the first (and currently only) company to produce an all-in-one gas hob with a built-in extractor.

Although it’s still very new to the market, I’ve already had one client install it in their kitchen and they’re thrilled with it. It looks and feels like a well-designed, sturdy piece of kit.

It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow suit and create their own gas venting hobs over the next few years. I expect so.

Elica NT-FLAME GG RC Venting Gas Hob

Elica Gas Hob with built-in extractor

Key Features:

  • 4 Burners
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports
  • Easy Rotary Dial Controls
  • Efficient Ceramic Odour Filters
  • Extraction rate (intensive) 610m³/hour
  • Noise level (intensive) 72dB
  • Dimensions H21.1 x W88 x D51 cm

There’s no denying the NikolaTesla Flame is a cool-looking piece of kit!

Dressed in a sophisticated black or grey glass finish with a robust cast iron grille you can enjoy the quick-cooking prowess and effortless control synonymous with a gas hob.

Its clever centre baffles ensure flames are uninterrupted even at soaring suction speeds, while the flat cross grids offer stability for pans of all sizes.

There is currently only one model on the market. However, it is available in black or grey and either recirculating or ducted out. So make sure you select the correct model.

Compare prices and availability at:
Appliance City

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2. Modular System / Domino Hobs

While Elica is currently the only company to make an all-in-one gas venting hob there is another way you can build one into your kitchen design using a modular system.

Manufacturers such as BORA and CAPLE offer small domino downdraft extractors that can be used alongside either gas or induction domino hobs.

This means you can mix and match your hob setup to get exactly the combination you want.

For instance, this could be an induction hob on one side and a gas wok burner on the other. Or, in the case of creating a gas venting hob, you could simply have domino gas hobs on either side of the domino downdraft extractor to give you that gas hob with a built-in extractor look and function.

The Caple domino downdraft extractor between two domino induction hobs
The Caple domino downdraft extractor between two domino induction hobs

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Advantages Of A Gas Venting Hob

  • Space-Saving: Eliminates the need for overhead hoods, freeing up vertical space. Ideal for kitchens with low ceilings or open-plan designs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a sleek and modern look. Reduces visual clutter in the kitchen.
  • Flexible Design Options: Can be installed in kitchen islands or peninsulas where overhead extractors aren’t feasible.

Disadvantages Of A Gas Venting Hob

  • Potential Reduced Efficiency: Might not be as effective as overhead hoods, especially for tall pots or heavy steam/smoke production.
  • Complex Installation: Requires more intricate installation, potentially involving ducting through the floor or cabinetry. Can affect storage space in the cabinets below.
  • Higher Cost: Generally more expensive than purchasing a separate hob and extractor.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning of filters is essential to maintain efficiency. Depending on the design, accessing filters or components might be more complicated than with traditional hoods.
  • Limited Choices: Fewer options in terms of design, brand, and size compared to the broader market of separate hobs and extractors.

Can You Have A Gas Venting Hob On A Kitchen Island?

Yes. It’s very popular to have venting hobs of any kind (gas or induction) on kitchen islands. However, you will need to make provisions for the gas (and electrical) supply to the island.

This will need to be done before the kitchen cabinets are installed and usually means taking up the floor to get all the pipework fitted.

Elica Gas Venting Hob On A Kitchen Island
Elica Gas Venting Hob On A Kitchen Island

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Are Gas Hobs With Built-In Extractors Safe?

A great and very valid question I get asked about gas venting hobs is about their safety. Doesn’t the flame just get sucked into the extraction mechanism?

Don’t worry, gas venting hobs are quite safe. There are a number of ways manufacturers make sure these appliances are safe to operate in your home.

Modern gas venting hobs are equipped with flame interruption sensors. If the flame accidentally goes out, perhaps due to a gust of wind or a liquid spill, the gas supply is immediately cut off to prevent any buildup of unburnt gas.

The burners on these hobs are designed to direct the flame towards the cookware, ensuring that the heat targets the pan and doesn’t spread out excessively. This helps reduce the chance of any flame being drawn into the extraction unit.

As well as this, physical barriers, such as baffles, are placed around the extraction vents to prevent any direct contact between the flame and the extractor mechanism. These barriers also help guide steam and smoke into the extractor while keeping the flame separate.

Bora, for example, have their gas burners sunken down in the the base of the appliance, creating a protective shelter for the flame from the extractor. It’s all quite clever!

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! I hope that’s given you some food for thought and answered the question of whether you can get a gas hob with a built-in extractor.

I’ve shared the two options currently available on the market. Now all that’s left is for you to decide which option to have in your new kitchen.



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