15 Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchens – Inspiration and Ideas

Mid-century modern style kitchens are a hot trend at the moment. In fact, mid-century modern design, in general, has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Characterised by vintage simplicity and functionality, you’ll often see some design influence and similarities with Scandi and Japandi elements.

In this post, I’m sharing 15 Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchens to inspire you for your next kitchen renovation project.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Style?

Mid-century modern style combines vintage style with simplicity and functionality. Think Mad Men, but set in Copenhagen or Tokyo.

To achieve this look, think about functionality (form follows function) as well as sleek lines and juxtaposing materials. Add geometric elements and vintage colours to complete the look. Just don’t go overboard on decoration – mid-century modern style calls for quality over quantity in the items you use.

Effortless, timeless, chic, and simple – those are your guiding rules. Now let’s see it in practice!

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– 15 Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchens –

1. Pretty in Plywood

Source: Holt

Plywood kitchens are a growing trend and this mid-century modern style kitchen makes it clear to see why. Perfectly combining style and simplicity, you have everything you need in one sleek package. The often affordable price tag of plywood kitchens only adds to their charm.

2. Flawless Functionality

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design
Source: Cantilever

The benefits of mid-century modern kitchens go beyond their visual appeal. This kitchen demonstrates the simple functionality that defines the style. Ample cabinet and worktop space will make cooking a breeze, while the seating adds to the social nature of the room.

3. Wooden Wonderland

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design
Source: Wood & Wire

Combing luxurious dark-stained oak with white worktops and a bright orange drawer perfectly achieves the juxtaposition that mid-century modern style calls for. The wooden feature wall feels effortlessly vintage, harking back to the seventies without feeling outdated. If you’re worried about being too old-school, take inspiration from this design and throw in an ultramodern pendant light.

4. That Teal Feel

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design
Source: Carpetright

The dark wood and teal cabinet doors are perfectly juxtaposed against the bright yellow rubber flooring. Not only a contrast in colour but material and texture too. The clean white worktop and minimal layout round off this colourful mid-century modern-style kitchen.

5. Mid-Century Modern Memories

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design
Source: Mid-Century Kitchen Workshop

There are few things that add nostalgia to a kitchen better than an Aga. This design makes the most of this feature, allowing it to softly accent the white run of cabinets. A vintage-looking centre bench brings the classic look together.

6. Let the Light Shine

This mid-century modern style kitchen makes the most of light in two ways. First, the large doors allow ample natural light to flood the kitchen and brighten the room. Second, the fun and functional pendant lights add a modern twist. A classic combination of white worktops and wood cabinets and floors allows the lightness of the room to be the real standout feature.

7. Blue and Breezy

Geometric shapes are key to achieving a mid-century modern look. In this kitchen, the blue splashback adds this element with a fresh, modern twist, while the honeycomb floor subtly complements the look. I love the punch of orange in the bar stools, too.

8. Cool, Calm, and Collected

Source: Hello Refuge

Just looking at this kitchen inspires a sense of calm and relaxation. The choice of delicate green splashback, paired with soft marble worktops and neutral wood cabinets, puts you perfectly at ease. And breathe….

9. Mid-Century Modern Japandi

Source: H Miller Bros

Is it mid-century modern? Is it Japandi? It’s both – and it’s stunning. This kitchen pulls together all the best elements of these styles to produce a rich, attractive, and functional design.

10. Speaking in Accents

The first thing you notice about this kitchen is its striking dark grey beams. Rather than distracting from the look of the room, however, this feature accents the mid-century elements sprinkled throughout the kitchen. From the coloured cabinets to the white and wood island, it’s a pick and mix of perfection.

11. Mid-Century Modern Luxury

The natural elements of this kitchen set it apart as a more natural, Scandinavian style of mid-century modern. The large, open island makes for endless opportunities to gather the family for meal preparation. In fact, you may never get them to leave!

12. Sweet as Honeycomb

Another example of how to do geometric design well. The honeycomb splashback in white delicately adds visual interest rather than taking over the room. The natural wood island and organically-shaped bar stools keep the kitchen from feeling too clinical.

13. Adding Industrial Edge

This kitchen makes the most of its stainless steel elements. I love the industrial feel that these add, keeping the vintage wood cabinets and splashback from feeling too retro.

14. Mid-Century Mystery

Source: Devol

Dark doesn’t have to mean dreary. The dark grey walls of this kitchen make it feel rich and luxurious, with vintage elements only adding to the look. The white worktops and marble splashback keep it fresh and add a welcome lift.

15. Get in Line

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design
Source: H Miller Bros

Get in line indeed – in more ways than one. People will be lining up to join you in this linear-style kitchen. The band of colour across the centre of the room is fun and visually exciting, offset by simple wood and white cabinets and a playful blue floor. The room stays grown-up with metal frame elements on the island.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! 15 mid-century modern kitchens.

It’s easy to see why mid-century modern kitchens are a popular design choice. Bringing together the best of style, simplicity, and functionality, you’ll love this design for years to come.

I hope this post has given you some insight and inspiration if you’re thinking of going mid-century modern for your new kitchen.



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