15 Stylish Small Kitchens – Ideas and Inspiration

How do I make my small kitchen feel bigger? This is a question I hear all the time from customers. I’m often asked for small kitchen ideas that combine style, form, and function.

There are lots of great ideas for making your small kitchen feel spacious in ways that don’t compromise on style. I’ve collected here some chic and stylish designs that make the most of limited kitchen space.

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– 15 Stylish Small Kitchens –

1. Home Sweet Home

One of the great things about small kitchens is their hominess. This design uses neutral-coloured cabinets, light worktops, and wooden accessories to achieve a comfortable yet stylish feel. The linen curtain adds to the home sweet home ambience!

2. Form and Function

Blocks of colour help give this small kitchen a cool and modern look. The island increases the working space substantially, meaning you’ve got killer style and great functionality all in one small space.

3. Light as a Feather

Bespoke Shaker kitchen ideas
Source: Neptune

Big windows are a great small kitchen idea – especially if you have room for a skylight. The natural light flooding this kitchen means open shelves and geometric flooring feel stylish, not overwhelming. The red wall adds a wonderful warmth to the room, too.

4. Storage Sensation

Dark Blue small kitchens ideas
Source: Howdens

Don’t shy away from dark cabinets with your small kitchen! Paired with light walls and worktops, they add stylish depth to the room. This design offers ample storage space, so you’ll always have room for your Tupperware.

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5. Mid-Century Mood

small kitchen design ideas

I love this small kitchen idea, which pairs beautiful wood with a marble splashback and a gorgeous red range cooker as the cherry on top. The large windows and natural accessories help tie the room together. A personal favourite!

6. Clean, Small, and Simple

U-shape small kitchen

Think a breakfast bar isn’t possible in your small kitchen? Think again. This simple design offers ample worktop space and a clean look. The gold tap adds a touch of glamour that you most certainly deserve.

7. Modern Chic

Pairing natural wood and high-gloss cabinets might not be the obvious choice, but it’s a great small kitchen idea. The combination adds visual interest while maximising storage space. A neutral worktop ties the look together.

8. Fun for the Whole Family

Single wall kitchen layout

White elements with light wood is a match made in heaven. This fun, simple kitchen feels bright and open while offering enough space for the whole family to gather around the table for dinner.

9. Cottagecore Cool

Cottagecore is trending, and it’s not hard to see why. This natural, earthy look celebrates the kitchen as the heart of the home. The Belfast sink is a great way to round out this traditional but functional design.

10. Small and Sleek

small kitchen ideas
Source: Devol

Black and white and stunning all over! Sleek cabinets, marble worktops, and copper handles make this a great small kitchen idea for the design-conscious.

11. Old-Fashioned Charm

Source: Neptune

Rustic design with a stylish finish is the name of the game with this small kitchen. The slimline (60cm) Everhot adds a traditional farmhouse look, while the panelling oozes warmth and texture.

12. All-In-One Design

handleless small kitchen design

Sometimes small homes make it necessary to bring everything into one space. This kitchen combines cooking, dining, and lounging within one stylish design. The unique touches tie the room together and keep it visually exciting.

13. Classic Small Farmhouse Style

If you’re looking for old-school style with new-world form and function, look no further. The marble worktop, slimline Aga, and natural panelling combine to make this a delicate, earthy design.

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14. For the Entertainer

Modern small kitchen

An open style with seating is great for entertaining, even in a small space. Your guests can enjoy a glass of wine as you show off your stylish kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets also max-out storage in your small space.

15. Space Cadet

Wrap-around cabinets make the most of limited space in this small kitchen. The skylights add much-needed light to dark worktops, while the natural flooring and splashback warm-up an otherwise ultramodern design. A great option for families, too!

Final Thoughts…

Small but perfectly-formed – that’s how I feel about these small kitchen ideas. You don’t need lots of space to get a beautiful, functional, and show-off worthy room.

Keep these ideas in mind and you’ll be sure to find yourself with a kitchen you love, no matter how small your space.

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas



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