15 Dramatic Dark Grey Kitchens – Inspiration and Ideas

Charcoal, Graphite, Smoke and Slate. Whichever you pick, dark grey kitchens have been a popular colour choice for several years now and it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re creating a minimalist modern look or a cosy traditional feel, dark grey works perfectly for any kitchen.

In this post, I’m sharing 15 Dark Grey kitchens to help give you some ideas and inspiration for your next kitchen renovation project.

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-15 Dramatic Dark Grey Kitchens –

1. Grey on Grey

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Devol

A dark grey painted shaker kitchen with matching dark grey walls makes for a very moody and rich feel.

The crisp, clean white stone worktops help to create some contrast and separation, while the wooden island worktop brings in a little texture and ties everything together with the wooden floor.

2. Light and Dark

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Neptune

This kitchen is full of light from the large glass doors, combined with a natural wooden floor and light colours on the walls.

Using a dark grey (Charcoal) for the kitchen cabinets helps to give the room some weight and creates a striking and dramatic contrast.

3. Less is more

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Doimo Cucine

This dark grey handleless kitchen looks effortless but cleverly combines all the kitchen essentials as well as a stylish seating area into a very open and minimal space.

Sometimes less really is more!

4. Subtle Industrial

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: 1909 Kitchens

This two-tone in-frame kitchen blends elements of traditional cabinetry with modern and industrial accents.

The clean slab-style dark grey cabinets mixed with the black metal handles and subway brick tiles all give a more industrial and modern look. Whereas the in-frame construction of the cabinets and natural wooden floor help to create a sense of tradition and craftsmanship.

5. Red Pop!

Just because you choose to have a grey kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be boring or have no personality.

Using splashes of colour with your kitchen accessories or in this case the splashback itself can be a fantastic way to add a little bit of visual interest and your own stamp on the room.

6. Small and Sleek

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Howdens

This is a great example of how you can still have a stylish and dark coloured kitchen even if it’s in a small space.

Having lighter coloured walls and worktop help to create contrast from the dark grey cabinets and give the room a more spacious feel.

The design of all sleek handles drawers helps to keep things simple and appear more streamlined and balanced. Add in a feature tiled splashback and you have a very visually appealing kitchen in a small space.

7. Industrial Grey

Dark Gray Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Higham

This classic looking in-frame shaker kitchen is given the industrial spin with the addition of exposed metal elements, leather upholstery and aged brass hardware.

It just shows how versatile a dark grey kitchen can be. Simply adding a few pieces to the room and changing the hardware can make such a dramatic difference.

8. Shades of Grey

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: 1909 Kitchens

This beautiful shaker-esque style kitchen combines three different coloured cabinets with three different worktops but pulls it off perfectly. It’s all about balance and contrast.

The dark grey island and sink run are paired with a light Oak and white marble worktops to help create a strong contrast and make both the cabinets and worktops really stand out. While the mid-grey cabinets (on the right) have a black granite worktop and full height splashback behind the range cooker for a really luxurious feel.

9. Mid Century Modern

matt grey kitchen design
Source: Doimo Cucine

This modern handleless kitchen creates a striking look by contrasting the grey cabinets, worktop and concrete floor against a rich dark wood.

The combination of the clean lines and the natural dark wood give this kitchen a bit of a mid-century modern vibe. Something I think we will be seeing more of over the next few years.

10. Flooded with Light and Grey

Dark Gray Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Devol

This classic dark grey shaker kitchen looks bold and crisp set against a very light white room. Because the room is flooded with so much natural light it can handle the dark contrasting cabinet colour.

A perfect example of when to use a dramatic dark colour while not making the room feel small or dingy.

11. Glossy Grey

modern kitchen design idea glossy graphite
Source: Howdens

This dark grey high-gloss handleless kitchen creates a simple but effective modern look.

The dark grey cabinets are off-set by the crisp white worktop and walls.

Again, it’s all about contrast and balance here.

12. Contemporary Classic

Dark Grey Kitchen Design Ideas
Source: Neptune

This kitchen blends contemporary and classic elements seamlessly.

A bold contemporary dark grey colour painted on traditional in-frame shaker cabinets. A modern range cooker set amongst a traditional cooker surround and marble worktop. And a modern undermount stainless steel sink and tap in front of a white shiplap wall.

All working perfectly together, this really is a contemporary classic kitchen.

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13. The Dark-side

It’s not always about contrasting worktops. This dark grey in-frame kitchen matches its cabinets with a dark worktop and black kitchen accessories to create a very rich and dramatic feel.

It stops short of becoming too dark and dingy by leaving the walls a fresh light colour which helps to highlight the dark cabinetry.

14. Timeless Grey

Dark Grey Kitchen
Source: Brayer Design

This kitchen is a classic dark grey design that will stand the test of time. Combining light floors, marble effect worktops and neutral wall colour all help balance the dark grey cabinets and let them be the feature while not overwhelming the room.

It’s a classic combination for a reason!

15. Eclectic Grey

Source: Roundhouse

This modern handleless kitchen has quite an eclectic style. Mixing stainless steel and Corian worktops, dark grey slab doors and wooden cabinetry elements along with exposed brick and glass pendant lights. It just shows that dark grey can be the perfect base ingredient on which to build upon.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! 15 dark grey kitchens to help give you some inspiration.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create a little bit of drama or mood in your kitchen and is perfect in bright airy rooms to help add some contrast and weight.

It’s easy to see why dark grey kitchens have been a popular choice. Will you go grey for your next kitchen?



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