Which Ovens Have Slide And Hide Doors? – A Quick Guide

Have you seen those ovens on the Great British Bake Off, the ones with the slide and hide doors and wondered what type of oven it is? You’re not the only one!

As a kitchen designer, I get asked this question all the time. Or more specifically, what’s the oven with the slidey hidey door? Or, what’s the oven with the door that disappears underneath?

In this post, I’ll explore ovens with slide and hide doors, their pros and cons as well as answer some common questions I get asked about them.

Let’s go!

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Who Makes Ovens With Slide And Hide Doors?

NEFF are the only brand to make ovens with slide and hide doors. They have a patent on the design feature making them the only manufacturer of ovens with the slide and hideaway door feature.

Trademarked as Slide&Hide®, NEFF has a full range of built-in single ovens that feature the unique slide and hide door that tucks neatly away under the oven cavity.

NEFF Slide and hide door oven in use
Slide and Hide Door In Action

Are Slide And Hide Ovens Worth It?

This comes down to individual user needs and to some extent the layout/design of your kitchen.

Having a slide and hide door allows the door to be tucked under the oven and out of the way.

Meaning you can get closer to the oven safer, as you won’t need to reach over the door. It can make getting dishes in and out much easier, especially if they’re heavy, like a Sunday roast.

They can also be very practical for smaller kitchens, especially galley kitchens. Having the door disappear underneath the oven means you can stand a little bit closer to it. Allowing more open space in walkways around the kitchen for other users.

Having the door tucked out of the way can also be helpful for wheelchair users to fully access the oven comfortably, avoiding contact with a hot oven door.

Also, there’s no denying they have a certain cool/clever/gadget factor.

However, you will pay extra to have this feature on your oven. Typically you can expect to pay around £50 – £100 more for the slide and hide door model of a NEFF oven.

This varies slightly between ranges and the type of handle on the slide and hide door. (more about the handles below)

Advantages Of Slide And Hide Ovens

  • Allows easy and more convenient access to the oven
  • Safer to use – Eliminate the chance of catching anything or touching the hot door while it’s down
  • Allows more open space in the kitchen – ideal for small or galley kitchens
  • Ideal if the oven has to be installed higher (two single ovens on top of each other) as the door won’t be in your face
  • It has a certain wow factor

Disadvantages Of Slide And Hide Ovens

  • Costs more to have the slide and hide door than standard model options
  • Any fat or grease that spits out while the door is open will end up on the floor rather than the back of the oven door
  • Very difficult to remove/reattach the door (sometimes needed for deep cleaning)

Good To Know: There are two types of handles with the NEFF slide and hide ovens. Fixed handle and Rotating handle. The fixed handle is usually found on the lower-end models. While you pay a little bit more money to have the rotating handle. If your budget allows, I would always choose the rotating handle. It makes the slide and hide movement that much more comfortable and easier on your wrists.

Handle rotating as the door is dropped down on a slide and hide door oven
Handle rotating as the door is dropped down

The Best NEFF Ovens With Slide And Hide Doors

There is a range of NEFF Slide&Hide ovens that all have different features and functions – and with that, prices. NEFF has divided its range of ovens into different groups based on price and number of features.

It starts with N30 at the lower end of the range, moving up to N50N70 and the top of the range N90

There are different models available within each range as well, giving you lots of choices to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. 

Here are just some of the most popular NEFF ovens that have the Slide&Hide door feature I recommend to clients:

  • Low – NEFF N50 Slide&Hide B3ACE4HN0B
  • Mid – NEFF N70 Slide&Hide B47CR32N0B
  • High – NEFF N90 Slide&Hide B57VS24H0B Wifi Connected with added Steam Function

Can You Get A Double Oven With Slide And Hide Doors?

No, sadly not. Currently, there are no double ovens with slide and hide doors available on the market.

NEFF would be the only manufacturer able to make a double oven with a slide and hide door, as they have a patent on the feature.

However, they do not have any in their double oven line-up. In fact, NEFF has a rather limited double oven collection. Both built-in and built-under double ovens.

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Are NEFF Ovens Available In The United States?

No, unfortunately not. Currently, NEFF does not sell their ovens directly to the USA.

You may be able to find some companies online that could import/ship an oven.

However, there will likely be electrical compatibility issues between the UK/EU oven and USA power outlet and wiring. Not to mention the different safety standards.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Now you know who makes the ovens with slide and hide doors, as well as their pros, cons and some extra information and questions answered for good measure.

While slide and hide doors may not be an essential feature they do offer some great benefits. As well as a certain wow factor for those who have not seen them in action before.

However, you will pay extra for the feature and they may not be the right choice for everyone.

What do you think? Will you go for a NEFF Slide&Hide Oven in your new kitchen?



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